Glenn and Dr. Ablow reveal the “7 Wonders”

The new book by Glenn Beck and Dr. Keith Ablow

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Glenn has always said that his success as a broadcaster is a result of an honest and open relationship that he shares with his listeners and viewers. Whether it be his past struggles with alcoholism and addiction, or his more recent health issues, Glenn has held nothing back from his listeners. And on January 4th, he shares the blueprint he has used to overcome his personal struggles in a new book.

Co-Authored with Glenn’s friend and colleague Dr. Keith Ablow, The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life tells the story of Glenn’s struggles with addiction, tragedy, and inner demons, as well as his success in confronting and overcoming these obstacles in his own life. Along the way, Dr. Ablow elaborates on Glenn’s personal story and reveals the steps, or “wonders”, that one can use to find personal redemption.

What are the 7 Wonders? They are reservoirs of personal power that the individual can draw upon to change their life. Courage. Faith. Truth. Compassion. Friendship. Family. Common Sense. Glenn seized these sources of inner strength to remake and transform his own life, while Dr. Ablow has shared them with thousands of people on similar journeys towards personal empowerment.

7 Wonders marks the first of several projects that Glenn plans to launch in 2011 to help empower the individual. If 2010 was about turning to history and God to restore our country and it’s honor, 2011 will be looking within our local communities and ourselves, not big government, for solutions.

While Glenn has made no secret of his past struggles, The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life marks Glenn’s first “Self-Improvement” book. Glenn and Dr. Keith Ablow hope that the book will help you find the “wonders” already within you so, and through them you find the power to transform your life.

For more information on The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life, please click here.

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    Thank you for sharing this story!  You got two birds with one stone.  You give us a great example of what it means to follow Jesus in doing good to those in need.  You also show a ray of hope for those who struggle; we don’t have to change and be “good” so we can come to God.  We come as the mess we are to God, and He accepts us, mess and all, and goes to work on our life, showing us new things, giving us grace and help, and for each step we take forward, He’s there to shine the light on the path for the next step forward.  God in our heart is love in our heart, and that’s what changes us.  I’ve known God for many years, and I can’t say I always was a good daughter to Him, but He never let me down.  I got a second chance, when I really needed one.  He took me through some really deep waters, and a few other times, took me through the fire.  I’ve had many sorrows, and a good number of joys, and a lot of just day-by-days-but i known the Bible is true, Christ really did die for us, and shed his blood to forgive and cleanse us, and He loves us for whatever reason.  His Word is true, and soon, He will come to get us, and take us home.  Our mansions are ready-the world is soon to be judged, and in the portals of Heaven, seeing Jesus face to face, we will be so thankful He took us in.  God bless you.  You are going to make it.  I’ll meet you under an olive tree when the Kingdom is here!  I’ll be the funny lookin’ ol gal who is short on one end.  It’s how God made me, so I can’t complain.  Shalom Shalom.

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