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Do you ever get the feeling that Stu, Pat, and Jeffy aren’t paying as much as attention to Glenn as they should be? Do you ever notice Glenn go to Pat and Stu with a question and they have that confused response where they have no idea what is going on. Well, usually it’s because they are on The Feed, a kind of chat room/message board where Insider Extreme members can interact with the radio crew while they are live on the radio show.

Well, today on The Feed Stu decided to post this picture with the caption “Jeff Fisher”:

What was said after this was posted on The Feed? We’ll give you a preview so you can get a sense of what you’re missing:

Jeffy – I was hungry

Stu – I like how he seems to be working on something important as he eats the jelly toast.

Susan (fan) – Jeffy, was the start of something BIG.

After posting it AGAIN:

Jeffy – It’s just me and my toast. What’s the big deal?

Stu – Pat in the break: “That’s a nice picture of you Jeffy. You look like you’ve lost a few pounds.”

By the end of the show, and the endless mocking of Jeffy, the 4th Hour crew convinced Jeffy to dress up to do a side by side comparison shot. Can you tell the difference?