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Rather than seeing a leader stand up to tell the truth and lead with common sense in the face of senseless tragedy, Glenn saw everyone trying to blame conservatives, talk radio, Sarah Palin, and more in an effort to push their own individual agendas.

Glenn said, “I have so desperately this weekend looked for a leader, looked for someone with common sense, looked for someone who would tell the truth. Instead I find a sheriff who has no facts and blames it on talk radio. Instead I find, I believe it was Time magazine that said, if I may quote: ‘We have none of the facts yet, but who would be surprised if this was a Glenn Beck fan’. I’ve looked for anyone that would not play politics with it.”

“This isn’t about politics,” Glenn said. “[Al-Qaeda] try to convince their own population that it’s about politics, it’s about oppression, it’s about a group that can’t be stopped because they’re too big and powerful. So you have to go out and strap a bomb to yourself and blow yourself up. It’s not about freedom fighters. It’s about terror. It’s about murder. It’s not suicide; it’s murder. It’s madness. It’s mayhem.”

Glenn said that there are three potential dangers facing our country. There are madmen, there are those waiting for collapse and chaos, and then there are terrorists. “There have been terrorists. There have been American terrorists. There has been the D.C. sniper and there’s been the Oklahoma City bomber. Terrorists. Americans. And they will come again.”

“There have been crazy people, and they will strike and they will kill and they will come again. The question is, do we make them all about politics? Do we Balkanize ourselves? Do we become the Israelis and the Palestinians where people are just killing because they don’t even know what they’re killing for anymore?”
Glenn said that Jared Lee Loughner clearly falls into the category of “madmen”.

Stu pointed out, “He was a hardcore atheist, he believed — one of his favorite books was the Communist Manifesto. He believed George W. Bush was responsible for 9/11. He thought the Mars rover landing was fake.”

Glenn explained that every individual has a choice, and Jared Lee Loughner chose to be a killer. “The killer this weekend had an individual choice: Kill or don’t kill. He chose. He was insane. But now the media and the politicians have a choice: Use this for your own political purposes or be bigger than that. America demands bigger people. America deserves bigger people. Because there are those on the left and the right, and we’ve been doing research over the weekend on the left and the right who do believe violence is the answer. I am not one of them.”