TV: Only 14 members of Congress sign Glenn’s pledge

Ever since the shooting in Arizona, Glenn has been asking for people to stand beside him and denounce violence of all kinds and from all sides. He’s even had staff members calling members of Congress in an effort to get some support. The number of people who signed on? Fourteen. What was so awful? What would people not agree to?

Just to review, below if the pledge that Glenn members of Congress to sign…

I challenge all Americans, left or right, regardless if you’re a politician, pundit, painter, priest, parishioner, poet or porn star to agree with all of the following.

  • I denounce violence, regardless of ideological motivation.
  • I denounce anyone, from the Left, the Right or middle, who believes physical violence is the answer to whatever they feel is wrong with our country.
  • I denounce those who wish to tear down our system and rebuild it in their own image, whatever that image may be.
  • I denounce those from the Left, the Right or middle, who call for riots and violence as an opportunity to bring down and reconstruct our system.
  • I denounce violent threats and calls for the destruction of our system – regardless of their underlying ideology – whether they come from the Hutaree Militia or Frances Fox Piven.
  • I hold those responsible for the violence, responsible for the violence.  I denounce those who attempt to blame political opponents for the acts of madmen.
  • I denounce those from the Left, the Right or middle that sees violence as a viable alternative to our long established system of change made within the constraints of our constitutional Republic.

There’s not a lot there that seems too controversial to Glenn and his staff. Maybe Congress, minus those fourteen members, is full of big Francis Fox Piven fans. Or maybe three days wasn’t enough to read the pledge. Because Congressional members read every bill and analyze it thoroughly before voting, signing, or even commenting.


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  • notpilgrims2

    Maybe Congress is full of Hutaree Militia fans. Or maybe Congress is full of American military fans, because the American military uses violence to protect ourself and protect freedom from fascist terrorists. We bomb terrorists, for example, and kill them. But the first two provision of your pledge say you denounce violence regardless of motivation and that violence isn’t the answer. You can just hear the pacifist nut jobs of the 1940’s saying, “War is not the answer!” In fact, violence that is motivated by defending America’s freedom and defending the freedom of others (such as Europe and Asia, in the case of World War II, or South Korea, in the case of the Korean War), is justified.

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