While there may be problems in Washington, the real issue is that we as individual American citizens are allowing things to happen. Piece by piece, nudge by nudge, progressives are shaping America into what they want it to be, but people have been asleep and naïve and they don’t see the changes happening. Glenn addressed this problem on radio.

“As Mark Lloyd, the new czar at the FCC says, Chavez figured out that unless you controlled the media, that important — quoting, that important revolution couldn’t happen.”

“So what they’ve done over a long period of time is get us here and there with PC, political correctness. And they’ll always use an event.  And you’ll be like, oh, my gosh, my heart hurts,” Glenn explained.

Gradually, the media is changed fundamentally and progressives take control over the message. Without talk radio, there is no opposing view.

And Glenn said that the people allow this to happen because they tend to be too trusting. He said, “You’re trusting.  And that’s a quality that cannot go away.  That is one of the American qualities that makes us who we are.  We’re trusting.  We trust each other.  But we can’t be naive.  We can be trusting but not naive.”

So what can we do?

Glenn said, “The problem is not going to be solved by trading Rs for Ds or Ds for Rs.  The problem is going to be solved by solving these problems in our own life, period.  We are the key.  We are the answer.  And I know it sounds silly or trite, but it didn’t to the founders.  It didn’t to the early Americans that built this country.  They knew.  They were pioneers.  They knew it was them.  They knew it was the neighbor.  It was somebody else exciting with an idea right down the street that was going to change the world.”

Glenn believes so strongly in the idea of empowering the individual and finding solutions in local communities as opposed to big government that he has poured his resources and money into making his words actions. “We started with 8/28.  We did the 40 day and 40 night challenge.  We did Wilmington to show you that.  I started the E4 solution on television so you’d know where I’m headed and you know that the solutions are really not that hard.  I wrote the book the seven ways to change your life, the seven miracles that will change your life.  It is my story.  It is how I started.”

“Nobody believes me when I say it’s not because of the money.  I am a businessman.  But I pour more of my resources back into the product probably than anybody else.”

“The answer is you.  Being your highest self.  When you find you, your whole world is going to change.  And together if we do this collectively, our country will change.”