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Glenn’s glowing review of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has been all over the news since yesterday’s radio show, and Glenn had more to say this morning. Not only did Glenn go back to the show last night, but he got to hang out with U2 frontman – and one of Stu’s favorite musicians – Bono!

Glenn took some friends to the show last night, and when they arrived he ran into some of the producers. The producers thanked Glenn for his kind review , which has now been picked up by Entertainment Weekly and the New York Times, and Glenn let them know that he honestly feels that they deserve a much better review than his. Glenn believes the show is “the eighth wonder of the world.”

About halfway through the show Glenn got a text message that said, “Would you like to see Bono after the show?”

Glenn joked, “I just text back and went, ‘that’s the way I roll. ‘”

Glenn and Albert Pujols

So much like the time when Glenn met Albert Pujols (picture to the left), he got to meet another famous person who he had no business meeting.

Pat joked, “Where the guy has no clue who Albert Pujols is.  Here’s the greatest baseball player on the planet, he doesn’t know his name, he couldn’t tell you what team he’s on, he couldn’t tell you what he does and he’s the one who gets the autograph signed?”

Stu added, “It would have been nice to maybe have someone who actually has, I don’t know, purchased something that they produced to meet them.”

Glenn has no idea how things like this happen to him. When he showed the text to his wife she laughed and just said their life is like some weird movie.

Glenn described his actual meeting with Bono:

“So anyway, we went downstairs and somebody is facing me and Julie Taymor comes up and she was the one who did the Lion King and she’s now done this.  Brilliant.  The producer is there.  Brilliant.  The guy who did the set is there.  Brilliant.  All of them, just brilliant.  And the guy standing with me, he’s facing me and he’s like, behind you.  And so I kind of start to turn and there’s Bono.  And he’s just kind of like hanging out, just listening to what we were talking about.  And I said, hey.”

At first Glenn figured Bono had no idea who he was, but Bono was quick to thank Glenn for his kind words on radio. Glenn told the story, “And [Bono] said, some of us don’t need to have good reviews, he said, but there are people that have given up so much of their life and are the beginning and, you know, a good review means everything to them because they’re at the beginning of their career.  And he said, I can’t tell you how much that meant.”

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