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Glenn played some schocking audio on radio today of Governor Rendell losing his cool during a “60 Minutes” interview. In the interview, Gov. Rendell accused the interviews for being idiots for not getting his reasoning for bringing gambling to Pennsylvania. The radio crew analyzed the video, and Pat and Stu got into a disagreement over Rendell’s argument.

You can see the Rendell video here on The Blaze.

In the video, Rendell said, “They’re not losing their paychecks because Pennsylvania instituted gaming. Those people were losing their paychecks in Atlantic City, in Delaware at the racetracks or in West Virginia.” Rendell added, “Well, if they’re going to lose it anyway, let’s get the upside.”

The interview degenerated quickly, and by the end Rendell was gritting his teeth, chopping his hands through the air, and calling the interviewers “idiots” for not agreeing with him.

While no one agreed with the way Rendell conducted himself, Stu and Pat came down on different sides of the argument.

Pat argued, “He gritted his teeth over people losing their fortunes and their livelihood in Pennsylvania because they’re going to lose it anyway in Delaware or New Jersey.  And my point was you don’t ‑‑ freedom is not providing more ways for people to lose their fortunes and their livelihoods and destroy their lives.  That’s not what freedom is.  The government’s job and responsibility is not to provide more vice for you and feed off people’s weaknesses.  The government should stay out of it.  Here’s the government trying to get into it.”

Stu, on the other hand, felt, “The bottom line is people should be able to lose their money on whatever they want.  If he goes in and instead spends it on clothing or movies or alcohol, that’s okay?” He added, “You do give him freedom to do what he wants with his money.”

Glenn attempted to reach a bit of a compromise, saying, “It is not the federal government’s job to do anything.  And it is up to the individual states and municipalities to make their own decisions and have this very debate on a local scale.  Not a national scale because the government, if the government ever bans anything nationally, I think you’ve got a ‑‑ I think you have a problem.”

Glenn also felt that the Rendell audio tied into a bit of history he was going to be talking about on TV. He said, “Where did this begin?  Where did this begin?  Edward Bernays, he is the father of propaganda.  He started propaganda here in the United States under the Wilson administration.  It got a bad name as propaganda, so he started to call it then PR.”

“It’s enlightened despotism.  It’s the nanny state.  This is a total separation from our founders, total.  Our founders said trust the people, trust them.  They will make mistakes, but they will correct it.  They’ll find the errors of their ways.  [Bernays] loved democracy.  He loved it.  But he just felt the stupid people wouldn’t vote for the right person.  So they needed to be guided.  They just kind of get in the way of progress and so they need to be guided some.”

Tune into TV tonight for more on Edward Bernays.