“The 7 Live” debuts today at 2pm ET on glennbeck.com/the7, and Glenn and the staff still have no idea what is going to happen on the show.

In promoting the show, Glenn explained that they were going to take people who wanted to change their lives using the seven wonders and broadcast their efforts live on the web. Glenn emphasized that this was going to be real reality television, not MTV reality television (note: anyone looking for alcoholics, fake tans, hair gel, or child pornography might not be interested). Nevertheless, Glenn promised that the show would deliver the unexpected.

“It’s either going to have people that are staring at each other for an hour or however long it lasts, or it’s going to be just a total meltdown,” he promised.

Well, it’s no surprise that Glenn doesn’t know what’s going on with the show’s content, but maybe some of the staff could shed some light on the show. I tracked them down as they were rushing to find a place to film the program.

A clearly frantic and overworked Eric Pearce said, “We don’t know what to expect. You have to tune in.”

Pearce refused to answer any additional questions as he ran out of the studio hallway in search of coffee and hope. He was last seen hiding from Glenn who wanted to make some last minute changes.

Thankfully, Dominic “Dom” Salvatore – who was NOT one of the individuals brought in during yesterday’s mafia crackdown – was more forthcoming. “We’re going to deliver you a quality product like something you have never seen before. This will be a totally unscripted reality show that will hit the ground running, right from the start, live over the Internet.”

Unfortunately, Salvatore could not give any information regarding the show’s content as nothing has been finalized. It is currently less than an hour before show time.

When I went to interview additional staff members to try and get some idea what would happen at 2pm today, I was

Executive Producer Kevin Balfe quietly anticipates the downfall of his career

abruptly assaulted by an irate Kevin Balfe, Executive Producer for “The 7 Live.”

“No more talking to the press!” Balfe shouted at the cowering staff. He clearly had not slept in days and was on the verge of insanity.

Could Balfe be the first patient on the show? Clearly he’s in need of help.

As of press time, Dr. Keith Ablow could not be reached for comment.