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Why is the media not covering an assassination attempt on Missouri’s Democratic governor Jay Nixon by 22-year-old Casey Brezik? Why has the limited coverage not prompted the same level of speculation as the attack perpetrated by Jared Lee Loughner? Could it be because he’s an anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, left wing crazy person? Glenn had the story on radio this morning from RedState.com:

“The rightwing kooks.  Okay.  ‘22‑year‑old kook Casey Brezik wore a bulletproof vest and charged towards Missouri’s Democratic governor Jay Nixon with a knife and attempted to slash his throat.  Now, how is it that we have not heard about this story?  “In light of the media’s race to talk about the rights climate of hateful rhetoric, you probably guessed by now that Casey was an anti‑Christian, anticapitalist leftists who participated in a number of leftwing protests.  He’s also diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic.  Luckily for all involved, Brezik was high on pot at the time and so was a little confused.  Instead of slashing the governor’s throat, he slashed the throat of a community college Dean he took for the governor.’  A throat was slashed and this isn’t a story.  He was going for the governor,” Glenn read on radio.

Glenn, however, refused to believe the story unless it was verified by additional sources. “Now, I won’t hear of this story anymore until I have forty sources,” he said.

“A man accused of stabbing a Kansas City college official intended to attack Missouri governor Jay Nixon and mistakenly believed he had done so police said Thursday.  The suspect, 22‑year‑old Casey Brezik, did not know Nixon and had no particular beef with the governor.  But he decided to attack him because he was a top government official, Kansas City police spokesperson Darin Snapp said,” Stu read from The Huffington Post. The article did not mention the political views of Casey Brezik.

Glenn could not believe that more news sources were not reporting the story.

Pat expressed some disbelief, saying, “It can’t have happened because you know they would have tracked down the violent rhetoric that set him off and they would have done an intensive investigation as to whose violent rhetoric set him off.”

Glenn did not want to have any more commentary or discussion until more research came out on the matter.

“When you have 39 more sources, you let me know.  Because I’ve got real news to report,” he said.

Click here for the full story from RedState.com