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Among the myriad of health issues that Glenn claims to be afflicted with, his ADD is by far the one that drives everyone else crazy. For example, on radio this morning Glenn was wishing Keith Olbermann a fond farewell from the world of cable news when he randomly started to complain about the studio temperature (again), leading to an update on some health issues he has talked about over the past few months.

In the middle of Stu’s analysis of CNN’s “unbiased reporting”, Glenn started to comment before randomly complaining, “It is boiling hot in this room and I can’t take it.”

“That’s the ADD we deal with every day,” Stu said as the discussion veered wildly off topic.

For anyone who wants to know, Glenn usually has the temperature set around fifty degrees, and he still complains about the heat even as Stu and Sarah freeze to death in the next room. The temperature when he began to complain today was a moderate 68.25 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, why did the studio temperature become an on air issue this morning?

“Over the holidays I was officially diagnosed as having small fiber neuropathy,” Glenn revealed.

Glenn explained that the cold aggravates the symptoms, but he also wanted to keep the studio painfully cold (usually painful for everyone but Glenn). “And I have to tell you, I may just rather be in pain and not think than be hot all the time.  I hate the heat.  I am so hot,” he said.

“Yeah, I actually would rather kind of see you in pain than the amount of sweat that you’re currently producing,” Stu joked.

“I’m like Letterman.  I like it very cold on the air.  And last week during the TV show I was wearing gloves.  I’m supposed to wear stupid gloves all the time indoors if it’s cold.  Like I’m turning into the guy from ‑‑ that ran for mayor here in New York.  I’m that guy,” Glenn said, comparing himself to Jimmy McMillan of “The Rent is Too Damn High Party”.

You don’t remember Jimmy McMillan? Here’s a a video to remind you:

Come to think of it, that’s kind of how Glenn looked on radio this morning:

Glenn said he even reached out to Deidre Imus, who has helped her husband Don Imus in his battle with cancer by putting him on a strict and unusual diet.

“I think it was Thursday, I reached out to Deirdre and I said, look, I know you’re saving your husband’s life with cancer, which I believe is a year‑long course in any ethics class.  Do you save Don Imus from cancer?” Glenn joked.

“I wrote and I said, ‘But you’re, like, feeding him sticks, aren’t you?’  And she said, ‘You can either whine about not having the food that you want and be sick or you can eat the sticks and live.  Which is it going to be?”

Don’t bother asking Glenn for more information on his health. Anyone who works with him knows that he can’t keep his mouth shut about anything. Want to know why he keeps saying, “I’ve lost control of my company”? It’s because Mercury doesn’t dare trust him with anything that needs to stay confidential.