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A new story – well, it’s two weeks old but no one has really heard it yet – out of Maine reveals that a prominent GOP figure has received a threatening voicemail yet it has received little national coverage.

“Police are investigating a threatening voicemail left for Maine GOP Chair Charlie Webster who is widely credited for orchestrating the Republican takeover of the Maine legislature,” Stu said.

“I wonder if Webster — he might survive a 9-millimeter but doubtful he would survive a 50 cal. There’s a lot of 50 cals in Maine. He should change his tune because a lot of people are really mad,” a voice said in the audio.

“That was the local news that reported that a week ago,” Glenn said, shocked that it hadn’t received national attention.

“It doesn’t make sense, unless, unless the truth has an agenda,” he said.

Glenn asked why at the same time Rep. Giffords is shot “you not also show somebody who went up to the G-20, spat on cops, said mission accomplished, was thrown out of Canada, made all kinds of threats, called for revolution, quoted Chai, then lays in wait with a knife to slit the throat of a governor of this state, a democratic governor, because he doesn’t care, he just wanted a revolution and that’s not reported?”

Glenn, in a slightly ADD moment, began to talk about the violence and chaos going on worldwide and the danger facing police officers today.

“How many police officers do we have to lose?” Glenn said. “The death rate of police officers – help me, Stu – is up 40%?”

“Year to year 40%,” Stu said.

“There are the bad guys that are trying to get riots going on, that are trying to have chaos because they have a plan, they have an agenda, and then there are just the hapless doops that just see the opportunity. Well, everybody is in chaos,” Glenn said.

“We blame the cops for things they didn’t do. We expect them to be more than us. They’re not more than us! They are us!” Glenn said in support of the police.

Glenn will talk more about assisting police officers during tonight’s show.