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Glenn spoke throughout the show about the riots and protests in Egypt, and when a caller called and made a joke about the riots, Glenn quickly shut the caller down and told people to think about how serious this is.

“Today in Egypt things are melting down quickly. They have already shut down Twitter and the Internet. And now they — according to The Blaze, they’re wow dropping calls and shutting down cell phone service in Egypt. It is not going to last long, and you’ve got the Muslim brotherhood. This will destabilize Saudi Arabia. It will destabilize the enter region,” Glenn explained.

He added that while Egypt isn’t free by any means, the riots and chaos and collapse of the Egyptian government will further destabilize a troubled country.

A personal called in and started to joke about the violence spreading to America, but Glenn quickly shut him down.

“ No, we don’t want [anyone] tossed out of the window. We’re moving on from you. Don’t. Let me go to – this – that is such – that is so irresponsible, so irresponsible,” Glenn said of the callers joke about throwing Columbia professors out a window,

“When you see what’s happening in Egypt, this isn’t a joking matter, this isn’t a joking matter. You can joke about riots all you want. You can joke about violence all you want. Not a joke, not a joke. Maybe a year ago it was funny to make jokes about it. It’s not now. Look at what is happening in Europe,” Glenn said.

“Look how it has spread, as unfortunate we predicted it would spread, it has and even when the French riots were going on – this is before Greece. When the rioting in France and France was on — Paris was on fire virtually every night, we said, this is coming to other countries,” Pat said of the show’s predicitions.

“Let me tell you something. What did I say to you about four weeks ago? You haven’t seen the Muslim population of Europe riot yet. If what is happening – if the Muslim brotherhood takes Egypt, it destabilizes the entire Middle East. It sets the Middle East – if not immediately, within a reasonable period of time, sets the entire thing on fire. The Muslim brotherhood is not good. So, it sets the Middle East on fire. As soon as anyone thinks that there is a shot, the Muslim radicals in Europe and in England rise up. You don’t think that there’s going to be – you’ve got the communists and the Muslim radicals. They are not one and the same. They’re not coordinating or anything else, but once they start to work together, whether it’s coordinated or not – and I don’t believe it would be – once they start to work in concert, Europe is done. It is done. I don’t know how you – where is the police force that’s going to be able to police the entire world like that? Russia? The United States? How are you going to quell the middle east?” Glenn said.

“Did anybody notice – did anybody report yesterday besides FOX News that we found a suicide bombing handbook printed in Iran in Arizona on the northern side of our border? Well, gee, what do you think that is? Oh, I just – that just – that book, you know, printed in Iran, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. You can get that at every book store. No, you don’t. I don’t know what his point was, but don’t even joke about it. It shows a lack of understanding of how delicate this situation is. Gang, we are sitting on September 10th.”

“Remember I told you that, you know, it would start in someplace and nobody would even notice it and they wouldn’t – you would only look back in history books and say, that was the flash point? It would be something that you just never even saw coming? It may be Tunisia. That may have been the flash point that starts the ball rolling. I hope to God it’s not.”

“This is not good.”

Glenn later talked about the internet being shut off in Egypt.

“You’ll see how the Internet traffic just builds and builds and builds and you can see when they actually turn it off,” Glenn said of the image below which was posted on GlennBeck.com.

Glenn said that by the time he is back on air Monday he expects to see a country that has fallen to revolution.