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Glenn was on Fox and Friends this morning, and during the interview they asked Glenn about the government now telling Americans what they should and shouldn’t eat.

“Why do I care? Why do I care what the government says? Why should I give a rat’s butt why I should eat more broccoli, because somebody like Cass Sunstein is telling me that?” Glenn said.

Stu’s response? “If someone doesn’t map out your daily food intake in pyramid form, how do you know what to eat?”

“It’s really ridiculous. Man can rule himself. That was the American experiment. We’ve discovered that he can, but not without certain principles, not without education, knowing who he is in relationship to the world and to God, without knowing that he’s empowered and without being a creative man. He cannot rule himself. Why is the government trying to destroy every piece of that? ”

The Blaze commentator Dan Andros has more here.