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Every morning, Glenn meets with all his producers to go over the news of the day and to pick what he wants to focus on for radio and TV. Usually it’s just your typical story of the day involving communists, unions, or Islamic extremists. Nothing too exciting. But sometimes there’s a story that just makes Glenn and the producers smile because it proves everything they have been saying for weeks. Today, the New York Times decided to give Glenn a big ol’ birthday present by printing a story that proves everything he has been saying!

Let’s recap really quickly what Glenn’s “crazy theory “was:

1) Groups from the hardcore socialist left and extreme Islam will work together because of the common enemy of Israel.

2) Groups from the hardcore socialist left and extreme Islam will work together because of the common enemy of capitalism.

3) Groups from the hardcore socialist left, and extreme Islam will work together to overturn relative stability, because the in the status quo, they are both ostracized from power and the mainstream in most of the world.

And what did the New York Times have to say?

“In the process many have formed some unusual bonds that reflect the singularly nonideological character of the Egyptian youth revolt, which encompasses liberals, socialists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

‘I like the Brotherhood most, and they like me,’ said Sally Moore, a 32-year-old psychiatrist, a Coptic Christian and an avowed leftist and feminist of mixed Irish-Egyptian roots. “They always have a hidden agenda, we know, and you never know when power comes how they will behave. But they are very good with organizing, they are calling for a civil state just like everyone else, so let them have a political party just like everyone else’”

Glenn’s reaction?

“I would like to know from the New York Times, why are they engaging in this conspiracy theory?” he asked.

“Why are they just making, inventing connections, inventing them?” Stu added.

“Because what they have said here is that this Egyptian youth revolt encompasses liberals, socialists, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Pat said.

“First I was crazy because there’s a Caliphate.  Now I believe, I’m not sure, I haven’t read the executive order, but Friday may be Caliphate Day in America after Barack Obama signs the executive order.  That’s how far we’ve come on Caliphate.  Everyone is agreeing that there’s a possibility of a Caliphate and that’s what everyone wants.”

“Yeah, but it was so ridiculous to say that leftist groups might work with Islamic groups and Muslim Brotherhood,” Pat said.

So who now owes Glenn an apology?

1)    “Every show on MSNBC” – We’re looking at you Chris Matthews

2)    “Many shows on CNN” – Anderson, you’re cool

3)    “I’m sure I’m going to be getting a, you know, a page‑long apology from the Weekly Standard.” – Start typing now William Kristol

As Stu pointed out in support of Glenn’s theory, “They’re doing it because they’re good at organizing.  Again these pragmatic reasons they work together at the beginning.  Even though they will differ ideologically later.  And secondly, we’re working with them to make it seem like it’s more universal.  Like the cause is more universal.”

And what might be the “hidden agenda” mentioned in the article? Caliphate!

When will the New York Times stop stealing Glenn’s material?! He’s got the market cornered on “crazy theories”. This is just ridiculous. Before you know it, people like Bill Kristol and Chris Matthews will be reporting this New York Times theory without actually reporting that Glenn has been saying these same things since Day 1 of his Egypt coverage!