Glenn is back on the road starting in March!

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Unserious, Unangry, (possibly) Unhinged, and Undeniably Funny!

Glenn is going back out on the road in this spring, and he’ll be taking a break from his usual spiel of “doom and gloom” to be….funny? That’s right, he’s taking a break from problems and politics to have a little fun on the road.

Using a unique mix of stories and stand up, Glenn will show you the lighter side of just about every situation.

Since Glenn makes a habit of changing everything at the last minute, we don’t know exactly what he’ll talk about. There’s bound to be some faith, hope, and charity. He’ll probably talk about the “e4” solution, the power of the individual the entrepreneur. And, more then likely, he’ll tell some stories about his family, his friends, and the unique experiences that have shaped his life. All of that, or he may just dress up in a funny outfit and use a sandwich to talk about the state of our union.  (editor’s note: All of the above have happened, occasionally at the same show!).

With winter coming to a close, it’s time for Glenn to let loose live on stage. New dates have just been added in Houston and San Antonio (Insider pre-sale starts Wednesday!), and there are still tickets on sale now for seven other cities across the country.

Come out. Bring you family. Have fun. Get inspired. And laugh along with one of the most creative, fun, and entertaining individuals alive today.

Check out the list below for cities and dates, and click here for details and tickets.

Friday, March 25                         HOUSTON                           ON SALE FRIDAY!

Saturday, March 26                         SAN ANTONIO              ON SALE FRIDAY!

Friday, April 8                                    GREENSBORO            ON SALE NOW!

Saturday, April 9                        TALLAHASSEE            ON SALE NOW!

Monday, April 11                        RICHMOND                        ON SALE NOW!

Tuesday, April 12                        CLEVELAND                        ON SALE NOW!

Thursday, April 14                        CHICAGO                        ON SALE NOW!

Friday, April 15                        KANSAS CITY                        ON SALE NOW!

Saturday, April 16                        ALBANY                        ON SALE NOW!