“You don't let a flag fly frayed"

Anyone who has met Glenn knows he’s a bit of a flag connoisseur. He is a proud owner of multiple flags and always has them displayed outside his home and in display cases in his office. So it’s no surprise that while out for his birthday dinner Thursday night, he noticed the American flag outside of the Lincoln Center in complete disrepair. Glenn talked about the frayed flag on radio the next morning.

“So we were having dinner with some friends last night and  I’m sitting there and I’m looking out the window and I said, ‘Hey, let me ask you something:  Do you think that in New York City if you had a big center for the arts and it was a very elite place and it was the quintessential place for the arts and it was named after one of the most important presidents of all time, do you think that maybe the flag that would fly outside of that place wouldn’t have the stripes look like ribbons that had been stapled to a blue field of stars?’  And everybody went, what?  And turned around and looked out the window, which was right across the street from Lincoln Center, and I’m telling you I have never seen a flag in such disrepair,” Glenn said.

“It was torn to shreds,” Pat said.

“Now, I have a flagpole in front of my house and I have to replace my flag every year.  And I have to buy a special kind of flag because it’s very, very windy in front of my house and so it tatters quickly,” Glenn explained.

“And my flag is starting to tatter now because it’s been just over a year and it’s driving me crazy and I just told my wife, I said, if I don’t get another flag, we have to take this one down because it’s just starting to fray in the edges.”

“You don’t let a flag fly frayed,” Glenn said.

“The stripes, at least halfway to the field of stars, are split and it’s like ribbons.”

“There’s no chance of it being a special flag that flew somewhere else?” Stu asked.

“No, I’ve seen the flag, I’ve seen the original Star‑Spangled Banner.  That is in better condition.” Glenn said.

“If it was a famous war flag, you wouldn’t fly it in the rain and the snow in front of the Lincoln Center.  No, it’s insulting.  It’s insulting,” Glenn added.