Freedom Connector: Get Organized

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Glenn’s been talking about the left’s community organizing efforts, and he promised to reveal an alternative solution for the right and the Tea Party on Monday. That solution? Freedom Connector.

“A year ago a group sat in my office and a year ago the tea parties and the Freedom Works and the 9/12 project that they were fighting amongst themselves.  Not all of them.  I don’t know if anybody remembers the show I did with the, all the leaders of the Tea Party and I said, is there problems?  Is there a problem?  And we actually, one member or one Tea Party group was disinvited because it was too contentious and they were also backing racists at the time.  And the point of that show was we must put our differences aside and grow up and be adults.  This isn’t about power,” Glenn said.

“The problem has been that too many people, they get their own group and then they feel like, no, this is my group and we’re going this way, and what I have tried to do with the idea of the 9/12 project was values and principles.  Let those be your guide, and we can argue about things.  For instance, Penn Jillette and I have not talked, have not spoken.  I mean, he haven’t reached out to him and he hasn’t reached out to me.  So it’s not like we’re not on speaking terms.  But he is a very antireligious guy.  I am a very pro religious guy.  I just don’t believe in shoving religion down anybody’s throat.  But I believe God is wildly important.  He does not.  I don’t know how he feels about, you know, me and everything else.  I know that Penn Jillette and I who disagree vehemently, I have no problem with him.  I have no problem with him because he’s not trying to control other people’s lives.  He’s not trying to go out and tell me that I can’t go to church.  And I’m not telling him to go to church.  I’m going to force you, Penn, that’s ridiculous.  That is the kind of connection that we need.  Freedom connection.”

“A year ago Freedom Works came into my office and I said, look, we have got to be able to connect and let the people connect.  They don’t have to go through one organization or another.  We have to be able to have the 9/12 project and all the different tea parties and all of the different, you know, groups that believe in the Constitution.  And then you have to have a way for people who aren’t in any group or don’t want to be any group be able to see what everybody is doing.  It’s taken them a year.  I had forgotten about it.  They called a meeting with me last week and they came into my office and they sat down and I said ‑‑ I didn’t even know what the meeting was about and I said, guys, before you start, I have to ask you, please, please tell me that there is someone that has spent time and money studying Organizing For America,, everything that Google is now doing.  Please tell me that somebody is seeing the way they are using the Internet in connection.  And they just smiled at me and they said, you don’t remember our conversation a year ago?  And I said, no.  And you said, that’s what you said to us a year ago:  Find a way to connect without any middleman.”

“ I’m not loyal to any one person.  I’m loyal to an idea.  And anyone that will connect with me on those ideas, I’m in.  I’m tired of waiting around for leaders, I am tired of people trying to tell us exactly what we’re supposed to do, et cetera, et cetera.  The American people will figure it out.  But community organizing is going to change the world.  And last week I said to you, before I found out about the Freedom Connector, if you’re not organized, you lose.”

  • Jean Wallace Landry

    Jean Wallace Landry WHERE
    HAVE ALL THE HEROES GONE……Is it going to be a bunch of little old
    Ladies taking down this EVIL SCOURGE that has come upon OUR GREAT
    NATION!!! I will not be Shariah compliant, nor will I support any Group
    that I find to be dishonest in their PROMISES!! Political Correctness
    does not live in my House And it NEVER will !…..I will not honor the
    Islamic B.S. or any other religion that does not
    Put Our Heavenly Father first and foremost! It is my GREAT HONOR to
    know to whom I belong! It is not Our Body they want, it is Our Spirit, I
    will never have a come to allah moment….in my forehead is already
    planted THE WORD OF GOD…So no seal of satan can usurp my
    BELIEF!!…You should remember the devil is under your feet and at the
    very NAME OF JESUS (YAH SHU AH)?Sp..Satan has to flee…..There are no
    J’s in the Hebrew Language! Throw all the Other religions into the sea
    with the SWINE, that is where they belong!…I think first we should
    stuff all the non- believing groups into the belly of the PIGS….Again,
    where have all the Heroes gone…..There are very few real men left,
    just those willing to fight for our COUNTRY and a few others…….Our
    news media is the pitts, they will not stand up for the truth and shout
    DEMONIC….WHIMPY NEWS! Do any of you understand how much the VATICAN ,
    laugh when I hear about Newt Gingrich acceptance into the High Catholic
    Church…LOL….He new where He belonged then…NWO…Same for some of the
    mormons, not a popular statement , but is true…HATE ME IF YOU WISH,
    fearfully and wonderfully FORMED!.

  • Paul Onder

    I just love this president, as he tries to divide the country, We the People become more unified to replace him. So, out of some thing we do not want we get some thing we needed. I just love the way GOD is in control! 

  • Texas Shane

    I have to say that overall, I am disappointed in how this has progressed over the past year.  The engineers creating this thing obviously don’t know how social media connections really interconnect, or they are too hung up on how to make money on it, or they don’t really understand how small organizations really function and make things happen.  In addition, this provides yet another separate network that must be maintained rather than leveraging existing networks and just making them easier to use… and there is still not an efficient way to do this from my hip, which is where the future really lies…how do we get there?

  • Bill Gawlikowski

    I’m in Chesterfield, Mo, and I’d like to get with a group of active Americans who’s goal is to defeat, arrest and jail,the TRAITOR/LIAR obama!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe the Fox News poll. The Independents (who I blame for the mess we are in) approve of bho over Romney by 11%. Can someone please explain to me what planet these people are from?  They should just re-register as Democrats. They have lost their minds and their credibility. What a disgraceful group.

  • Christine Lakatos

     BREAKING: Busting Open Obama Energy Department’s Den of Deception (Green Corruption is a huge Obama scandal that hasn’t gotten the press it should) And new House Oversight LEAKED emails prove the case.

  • Anonymous

     The American dream is fading away and it breaks my heart. I don’t want a socialist America for my children and grandchildren. Please let’s work together so America can be again a great country in where people work hard to make their American dream come true. Don’t give up conservatives we are strong and tough!!

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