Glenn has been warning about radical Islam for years, and more recently he has been focusing on the “Twelfth Imam”. He even produced a documentary, Rumors of War, which tackled Iran’s leaders fanaticism with the “Twelfth Imam”.  The latest out of Iran shows President Ahmadinejad celebrating the revolutions in the Middle East which he claims are guided by the Twelfth Imam.

“Ahmadinejad has now said — and I quote – ‘The final move has begun. We are in the middle of a global revolution managed by the dear 12th Imam. A great awakening is unfolding. One can witness the hand of the Imam in the managing of it,’” Glenn said.

“Remember the 12th Imam disappeared in the 10th century and is believed to return and usher in a rule of Islamic justice. Whether you believe is irrelevant. They do. Whether you think this is the — he is the anti-Christ or not, they believe he is the Christ. They believe that Jesus will appear, after the world is warned in blood, that Jesus will appear with the 12th Imam and say, ‘Hey, Christians, you got that whole thing wrong. It’s this guy.’ And that Jesus will appear just as a prophet because they believe that Jesus was a prophet set and say, yeah, you’ve got to listen to guy. Otherwise, there will be a sword to the head,” Glenn explained.

“Whether that’s political rhetoric or not, if it is political rhetoric, it is very dangerous political rhetoric.”

“Now some might think that the following commentary on the 12th Imam is a little sacrilegious, but those people would be the followers of the 12th Imam and Ayatollah Khomeini and Ahmadinejad. So, I don’t really care,” Glenn said.

“I almost said they’ll call me crazy for saying this. What’s new? But I have felt a growing evil and I don’t know if anyone else feels that, but there is a growing powerful evil and it is this — the events of the day are in some way managed by this growing evil.”

“He apparently disappeared in the 10th century, right? So in the 1100’s he crawled down the well. He’s too bad he didn’t have Lassie who went back and got help. Ruff n ruff. What’s that, girl? You said the 12th Imam fell down the well? We’d better go help him,” Pat joked.

“I mean, clearly [Twelvers] had a political view of Islam that is way out of the mainstream with the average American Muslim and they will do whatever they have to do to destroy it,” Glenn said.