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The slogan “The truth has no agenda” has been used a lot by Glenn over the past few months. Glenn explained why he has been using the phrase on radio this morning.

“I just got this in.  I didn’t even know we were making these.  This is the slogan that I wrote for The Blaze.  We’ve put it up everywhere here and we’ve written it out for The Blaze.  And it is the truth has no agenda.  And they just gave me this new T shirt and it actually has the original Blaze logo on it, ‘Stand in the Blaze’ on the back,” Glenn said.

“This is the problem with the country.  We don’t understand anymore.  The truth has no agenda.  It doesn’t have an agenda.  It’s just the truth,” Glenn said.

“Can we talk about what MSNBC is calling this?  Their headline now or, you know, their new slogan on their top story for days has been wave of revolution,” Pat said of the chaos which has spread across the Middle East.

“They have been making fun of you, insane lunatic at 5:00 that nobody watches because you’re on at the same time, babbling about you being crazy for saying that there’s a wave of revolution coming,” Pat said.

“No, I call it The Coming Insurrection. They’re just calling it the wave of revolution,” Glenn said.

“Right, it’s a completely different title for the exact same thing,” Pat said.

Clearly, the leftist media doesn’t agree with Glenn’s belief that the truth has no agenda.