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On radio this morning, Glenn discussed the protests that are rocking Wisconsin as union members and their allies are attempting to block legislation aimed at salvaging the state’s budget.  As protesters compared Gov. Walker to Mubarak, union members were shown in a substance fueled rave in the capital building. Glenn gave his reaction on radio this morning.

“Revolution is not a made-for-TV movie,” Glenn warned on radio this morning. He said that revolution changes everything and its not some happy, peaceful thing that happens.

Unlike media figures like Bill Mahr and Michael Moore who seem to think the revolution is perfectly fine, Glenn thinks that this could be a very dangerous time. “You don’t control an insurrection, you don’t control a revolution. They kill you,” Glenn said.

Glenn then discussed The Blaze exclusive video of anarchists, socialists, and communists who have infiltrated the protests in Wisconsin. In the video, it shows a group of them – not everyday teachers and the average union workers – engaged in a party where they smelled of pot and alcohol. As Stu pointed out, this was not a behind the scenes party but was happening in the rotunda of the state capitol where the protests were taking place.

Glenn warned that once you start the ball of revolution going it is difficult to stop it. Does Michael Moore think he’ll be able to keep flying around in private jets? “They will take it from you,” Glenn said.

Most importantly, Glenn pointed out that you will always be on the wrong side of somebody or something. Even though you may think its great to support the state workers and the union in Wisconsin, the precedent of revolution as a solution is the end of the Republic. Rather than trying to change things through election and the democratic process, the people filling the state capitol in Wisconsin want to change things by protest. They compare themselves to Egypt.