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Glenn’s trip down to NASCAR’s Daytona 500 was peppered with Hollywood stars, directors, and music performers. But perhaps the person Glenn was most excited to have met was the Rev. Billy Graham. Glenn described their meeting on radio this morning.

Last Summer, Glenn had wanted to meet with Rev. Graham as part of his planning for the 8/28 rally. According to Glenn, Billy Graham was probably the only other person who had tried to do something on the scale of what Glenn was hoping to accomplish. However, according to Glenn Rev. Graham and his team did not feel that “the time was right.”

“Two weeks ago as I have been struggling with some ideas and some things that I am working on for the future and I am trying to get clarity again, I thought of Billy Graham.  When the phone range and they said the Reverend feels it’s time to meet, I met with him.  We had an hour scheduled.  It lasted three hours,” Glenn said.

“I didn’t tell you about it in advance out of respect for him,” Glenn said.

“He is a very clear individual.  He’s slowed down quite a bit.  He’s now 91.  You have to be pretty close to him for him to be able to see you.  His eyes are going and his hearing is gone.  So I had to talk to him like I used to have to talk to my grandfather.  But he is of sound mind and a man of great peace.”

“We spoke of the things to come and where we were in history, and I will tell you it is for him to say what he wishes to say.  I will tell you what my impressions were walking away and what I felt walking away.  These are not his views but mine.”

“We cannot be the people we’ve allowed ourselves to become.  We must be our highest self.  We must get ourself into shape spiritually, morally, physically, temporally.”

“That America is going to find it more and more difficult to do the right thing even though we have, I fear, done the wrong thing for too long.”

“We have adopted “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and the reason why we’ve done this is because we now see what is happening in Libya.  You take Libya and a brutal dictator who we don’t like, you take him out and you destabilize the whole world.  We now know that that isn’t going to work.  But how many things in our society have been propped up that would have been a lot easier to fix had we allowed them to fail 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago.  How many of us are living on the edge?”

“In sitting there and speaking to Reverend Graham, I thought, here is a man who has been all around the world.  Here’s a man who has seen it all.  Here’s a man who’s done profound good.  One of the first to stand in Alabama as a white preacher and stand and say we must come together.”

“My message to you is we must come together.  Evil has ‑‑ the left has stood ‑‑ is standing now with profound and clear evil and they’ve connected from evil all the way to the average Democrat and everything in between.”

“And we are sitting here arguing with each other over, well, how do you mean that exactly?  Well, what exactly do you believe in religion, et cetera, et cetera?  While none of us can sacrifice what we believe as an individual, we must stand together with those who believe in God and that God endows each individual with the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“That this is not a video game.  This is not a movie.  This is not like anything you’ve ever encountered in your life before.  The world is changing, and because of that we must change as well.  Darkness is growing.  But the shadows can only grow darker as the sun grows lighter.”