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At The Glenn Beck Program, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the start of Glenn’s new diet. After weeks and weeks of McGriddles and cheeseburgers, Glenn finally started his hippie/vegan/stick diet this morning.

In his morning meeting, Glenn was served a delicious looking egg sandwich on an english muffin. The only problem? Glenn can’t eat eggs anymore (and maybe not english muffins, we’re not entirely clear on that). So what was it? Stu, the resident vegetarian who has thus become the expert on all things Glenn can eat, said it could be some kind of fake egg/tofu thing. It sounded disgusting.

He also had some kind of fruit smoothie. At least that’s what it looked like.

The diet is already proving detrimental to Glenn’s mood, as you can see in the video. He’s been more doom-y and more gloom-y than usual. Of course, that could just be the fact that the world is burning down.