There are a number of “useful idiots” hanging out in Wisconsin, and they don’t want to be told when to show up for their shift or what to cook at the local noodle shop. They don’t think owners should be able to dictate what happens at their own companies. What does Glenn think?

In a video, a young employee of a fast food noodle chain complains about the “dictatorship” of the company that gives him a paycheck.

Watch here (story continues after the video):

“You either work for someone else or you work for yourself.  And most people work for someone else in a way that they aren’t free.  You don’t really get to decide your work.  For example, I work at Noodles, a restaurant, and basically it’s a dictatorship there.  We’re told exactly what we’re going to cook, how we’re going to cook it, what time we’re going to get there. And basically if they don’t like what we’re doing, they try and tell us what to do.  If we don’t listen, they get rid of us,” the employee said.

The employee continued, “And so we’re not able to actually cooperate in a way that we make decisions together.  I try to convince my fellow employees that we should have a union at Noodles so it’s a source of power to start with and then I think in terms of the bigger picture, we need to look at revolutions in a way that you actually get rid of any sort of dictatorship is by having workers take control of the place where they work.”

“Can you believe this tyrant telling his employees when to show up for work!  What they can cook when they get there!  What they do as a job at his restaurant!” Pat joked.

“24‑year‑old punk.  And he is ‑‑ he is a member of the ISO.  He’s a member of the International Socialist Organization,” Glenn said.

“We know that the system sucks.  We got it.  We got it.  But your unions are in bed with the International Socialist Organization and we have the documented proof from the National Park Service.  We’ve seen you all of the connections.”

“Yeah, it sounds ridiculous because this, these are the people, they are celebrating who are pulling off these revolutions all over the world.  They are all screaming about, oh, isn’t this great?  It’s the youth revolting.  No, it’s not great!  This is the youth!  These people are idiots!” Pat said.

“They don’t believe man can be free.  Man can’t be free.  Man can’t rule himself.  The workers have to keep the man away and so the workers have to all organize or the whole world just melts down.  Communists believe in the labor union.  That’s what this is.  That’s what communism was at the beginning,” Glenn said.

“So dummy at the Noodles shop, I recommend that if you take the noodle shop that you do show up on time.  Or better yet that you start your own union and you’re in charge because you’re either going to be in charge or you’re going to be a slave.  It worked out so well with the Soviet Union.  It did.”