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Don’t ever try and tell Glenn a story. As Stu found out this morning, he will ruin your efforts without a second thought. It all started in the morning meeting when Stu wanted to talks about Charlie Sheen’s new Twitter account, and it all went downhill from there.

Stu described a typical morning for Glenn’s producers (editor’s note: This is not exaggerated or sarcastic.). “I come into this, the meeting where Glenn is typically 20 minutes late, although not this morning and because, you know, it’s not like I need 15 minutes of sleep.  I’d rather just sit outside of his office the entire time.  Then we get to go inside the office when he reads for 15, 20 minutes while we sit there and do nothing.  We just sit there,” Stu described.

“[The Producers] bring me story suggestions,” Glenn said. “You don’t bring the story suggestions.  You just stay stupid things like, ‘Charlie Sheen had 16,000 Twitter fans.  And then later it was 400,000!’”

Stu shot back, “Well, but you’re a big fat loud mouth on TV and it’s taken you years to get to 1.4 million Twitter followers.  Charlie Sheen in nine seconds had a lot.  I thought the exponential growth was note worthy; you did not.  I thought we understood that.”

“After he berates us for talking about Charlie Sheen, his lead thing in the meeting is a Charlie Sheen prediction,” Stu said.

“What is your Charlie Sheen prediction?  What is it?” Stu asked quickly.

“I’m not going to say,” Glenn said.

“No, I want to know what it is.  I want to know what it is.  Yeah, you’re right.  As soon as you start, I’m going to say the end of it.  That’s what’s going to happen.  Are you ready for it?  That’s what’s going to occur right now!” Stu joked.

“Glenn’s going to predict that Charlie Sheen dies.  That’s my guess.  You’re going to ‑‑ go ahead, share it.  But I think it winds up in death,” Pat jumped in.

“Can I get to my prediction?” Glenn asked.

“What happened to the Charlie Sheen prediction?  Higher and higher dead.  Is he going to get higher and higher and then  dead?  Is that what’s going to happen?  He’s going to get high and his highs are not going to be high enough and he’s going to get higher and then he’s going to die?” Stu said laughing.

Finally, the guys got to Glenn’s predicition.

“As his drugs are getting more and more intense and his fame is getting more and more intense, his sex is also getting more and more intense. Because I’m an alcoholic,  I know you have to consume more to retain the same high.  So he’s consuming more and more and more and more.  Now his latest high is to be everywhere in the media,” Glenn said.

“At some point America is going to say, okay, I’ve had enough of this Charlie Sheen thing and that’s when he’s going to go violent or he’s going to go ‑‑ he’s got to find another high and he won’t let this high go.  So he will just turn on the American people and say, they’re just stupid!  They don’t know!  And it will be a flameout like Mel Gibson or he’ll just go violent or something and then he dies.  And then he dies.  Because he ‑‑ there’s no high left.  The highs will kill him,” Glenn said.

So Stu was right. Higher, higher, and higher and then dead. Again, Glenn makes everything depressing.