Glenn responds to hateful “anti-Muslim” protests

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New video shows a small group of Christan protesters shouting at a peaceful group of Muslims. Glenn gave his reaction to the shocking images on radio this morning, and cautioned against the actions taken by this hateful group.

“This video of real Christian hate because that’s what it is.  Christian hate,” Glenn said after watching the clip.

“Remember what we’re sitting on is a global tinderbox.  That’s what you have.  A global tinderbox.  All you’re waiting for is just the right thing to set the whole thing on fire,” Glenn warned. Glenn believes that with things in the world in such a chaotic and unstable state, it could take just a small spark to ignite the “tinderbox”.

Glenn then referenced this shocking video:

“Now you have a video of Christians, quote, Christians end quote, throwing crosses down on the floor in front of this peaceful man who is just wanting to pray, and shouting Jesus at him.  It is the worst representation of Christians I think I have ever seen, and now you have the video, and you don’t think that’s going to viral?  You don’t think that’s going to used against Christians?” Glenn said.

Whatever the intentions of the Christain protesters, Glenn said that by chanting and speaking with so much hatred they have damaged the image of Christians and Americans.

“You’ve done more harm to America than any war could have done.  World is a tinderbox,” Glenn said.

“Our God is a God of love.  Our God may get angry from time to time.  I mean, you know, but he doesn’t have us carry out his justice.  He does it.  He does it.  We pray.  We love.  We don’t have bullhorns shouting his name at people who are on a prayer rug,” Glenn said.

Stu joked, “ No one has given me advice not to scream at people on prayer rugs with a bull horn.  I just never did that.  I just knew not to do it.”