What did Glenn think of the latest statements from Jesse Jackson, in which Jackson claimed that the “black middle class” was “government driven”. He also drew comparisons between Wisconsin Governor Walker and civil rights enemy Governor Wallace. Glenn gave his reaction to these shocking statements on radio this morning.

“I watched with such little interest what was happening last week with the labor unions and what was happening with their struggle and how Richard Trumka now is going to get all these awards,” Glenn started out.

Glenn said that he’s not surprised that all the union leaders like Trumka and Progressive leaders like Jackson are now being touted as heroes. It should be expected from the left and the mainstream media.

“So the whole idea is it’s anti Confederate, antilabor, anticivil rights,” Pat said of Jackson’s statements.

“Jesse Jackson says Wisconsin is a civil rights issue because black middle class is government driven,” Glenn summarized.

Glenn continued, “Maybe we should just examine that, Jesse. Maybe we should look at that and say, hmmm, is that a problem? That any middle class is government driven? That any group of people, I don’t care what color they are, is government driven? Who thinks that’s a good idea that you’d be government driven?”

“There’s the two Americas for you. Van Jones says Jesse Jackson and those who are so called self proclaimed leaders of the African American community. It’s an insult and an indictment.”

Glenn said that leaders of the African American community like Jesse Jackson are taking the civil rights movement to a place where they are dependant on big government rather than free and independent.

“It’s an amazing, an amazing statement,” Glenn said.