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When crises and national disasters have happened across the world and in the United States, there are usually reports of violence and looting as people scramble to survive or even just take advantage of the situation for personal gain. Remember the images from Katrina when people were stealing TV’s and other electronics? For some reason, Japan has proven to be an exception.

“Let’s talk about something positive,” Glenn said. “The amazing story of the Japanese people.  As the darkness grows, so does the light.  And the Japanese people, there’s still no looting.”

“ There’s always going to some element of, you know, human nature that takes over for some people and that stuff happens.  Not, seemingly not so far in Japan, though,” Stu said.

As the radio guys point out, the stories across the Internet focus on the unusual phenomena of no looting, as if chaos and looting should be the norm in this situation.

“You know one of the reasons why they say?  Because it hasn’t been Balkanized yet. It’s still a nation.  It hasn’t been turned in against itself yet.  It’s still a nation,” Glenn said. “Businesses respect the workers, the workers respect the businesses.  They haven’t been turned against each other.  And so they are all working with each other.”

As forces in our own country are working to find ways to divide us (look at union leaders in Wisconsin), Glenn said that the people in Japan are all uniting together. “I’m starting to sound like the guy who was just like, can’t we just try peace and love?  And it is really the only answer.  It is the only answer,” Glenn said.

Glenn said, “One of the most amazing stories I’ve heard is a guy in Japan was going, he had no water.  He goes into a store and there’s only ten bottles of water and he grabs all ten.  He gets a couple of steps away and stops and he puts the water back.  He takes two bottles because he realizes if he takes all ten, nobody else will have any.”

Glenn said that people in America need to wake up and start preparing for this kind of disaster by storing food, as past disasters have shown the peaceful actions of the Japanese are the exception to the rule.

To compare, check out the below video from The Blaze to see how the American youth acts. They don’t even need a disaster! The video contains graphic language: