Pollster extraordinaire Frank Luntz

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How was Glenn responsible for the genesis of Frank Luntz’s new book, “Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business From Ordinary to Extraordinary”?

Frank to Glenn: “It actually came about from a dinner that you and I had up in West Point New York, near West Point. And you and I had a conversation as we were walking out from that dinner and we were talking about the language and why people so often get it wrong.  And I decided I wanted to write a book to help people get it right,” Frank said.

What are some of the winning phrases?


“No excuses”

“ I get it”

“If you remember only one thing”

“Uncompromising integrity”

“The simple truth”

What does Glenn think?

“There is no one better on the planet that can help you with language and words and understand language and words and how it can be used.  It can be used in good ways and bad ways.  It’s good for you to know these words but it’s also good for you to read his books because you’ll see it being employed on you by nefarious people at the same time and you kind of understand why words like “Change” and “Hope” win.”