A Facebook page celebrating “Casey The Punisher” and his “schoolyard justice” has attracted over 15,000 fans, many of whom are calling on Casey’s Sydney middle school to lift his suspension sentence following the fight. Makeshift Photoshopped images on the page show Casey and his bully, Richard, engaged in a Mortal Combat video game-style match up. “Finish him,” the game instructs. “Fatality,” reads the screen as Casey smashes Richard into the ground.

The overwhelming support for Casey’s plight reflects an impassioned — and perhaps misguided — anti-bully rage.

“Well done Casey,” writes one Facebook fan. “I know how you felt being a big person myself, i just wish when i was teased and abused at school like you that the perpetrators had of been close enough for me to do what you did.”

ESPN’s Henry Abbott praised the viral video as exemplifying “an end to victimhood.”

“The big kid in the video officially took himself off the ‘easy to bully’ list, and good for him going about the business of preserving his own dignity.”  At the same time, Abbott noted, “If you’re against violence in schools, I can’t see cheering for it.”

Echoing Abbott’s observations, one Deadspin blogger adds, “Bullying is a serious problem, but this is not a good response.”

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