Beck: “I stand with Israel”

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Glenn gave a passionate condemnation of US foreign policy on tonight’s TV show. As the Middle East continues to burn, the United States – and most of the world for that matter – have not taken a firm stance in alliance with Israel. Instead, the administration has been silent as groups like the Muslim Brotherhood start to work their way into power in Egypt and other countries.

Glenn makes a compelling argument, noting that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that shares American values. They are constantly provoked and attacked, yet despite having a heavy nuclear arsenal they have not launched a single one. In Israel, unlike most other Middle Eastern countries, women are treated equally and people aren’t stoned for their sexual orientation. Nevertheless, the United States has – at it’s best – remained silent.

But as Glenn also noted, there are those high up in the administration that would stand against Israel, such as Samantha Power (Mrs. Cass Sunstein), who has argued that the United States should shift their support from Israel and focus on the creation of a Palestinian State. They use the doctrine of a “Responsibility to Protect” to say the US and its allies should move against Israel in support of the Palestinian State, the same doctrine that President Obama used to move against Libya without congressional approval. You can see her make the argument in this video:

But Glenn used his opening monologue to take a stand for Israel. “You have to do what you feel is the right thing, because the times call for it.” He made his stand tonight, and he called for viewers to take account of their lives and figure out where they stand on these issues and the other issues facing the country and the world. World leaders may be silent – or worse, standing on the wrong side of history – and its up to the individuals in America to stand on the side of good.

  • RickC

    Al you are sadly misinformed as is Glenn. The Jews are not Gods people nor is the terrorist state of Israel. You will NEVER find any of these claims as fact in the bible and neither will Glenn.First of all when the bible speaks of “Israel :” it is speaking of a people whom the Jews are not! The bible never calls Israel a piece of land and never calls the chosen Jews. The scripture concerning “Those who bless Israel ” means those who bless Israel the people,Never a terrorist land who stole the name of Gods covenant people and applied it to their terrorist state which they stole and murdered hundreds of thousands to obtain.
          Furthermore, the bible in John shows Gods hatred for the people called Jews. Even Jesus rebukes the Jews on their claim that they were Abraham’s children when He stated ” IF YOU WERE ABRAHAM’S CHILDREN ” you would do as Abraham does but yet you (Jews) seek to kill me.

    JHN 18:36 Jesus answered ( unto the Jews) my kingdom is not of this world; if my kingdom were of this world would not my SERVANTS ( Cristian, chosen white race) fight that I NOT BE DELIVERED UNTO THE JEWS ( for crucifixion) but know My kingdom is not from HENCE. ”

    Note that Jesus did say in this scripture that He was delivered unto the Jews and that NO Christians were present when they murdered Jesus who was God in the Flesh! Not also that Jesus is telling the Jews that his kingdom is not from hence which means that the Jews are not the origin of Jesus nor is He the origin of them, keeping in mind that Jesus is God in the flesh.  ie. ” from this source or origin ”
    Middle English hennes, henne, from Old English heonan; akin to Old High German hinnan away, Old English hēr hereFirst Known Use: 13th century1Tmthy 25 ” The Jews who killed Jesus and the Prophets and have persecuted us ( non Jews)  and they ( JEWS) please NOT GOD,  and are contrary to all men.” Now we see that Jesus tells the Jews He is not from them nor they from Him. And that they (JEWS) have killed Jesus and the Prophets and Jews are contrary to all men. My friend, the Jews are not the chosen and never will be. The state of Israel is a terrorist land full of sick demented devils who wish to conquer the entire world to be their slaves. These same Jews by Jesus own admission are not from Him ( God in the flesh) but are from their father satan …. “satanic seedline” . Nor is Jesus from them! We see also that te word claims that the Jews murdered Jesus and the prophets and by Jesus own words no one else but the Jews were present  or responsible because Jesus said if His servants were present they would have killed every last Jew to keep them from murdering Jesus.There is no such thing as Judeo Christian. This is a myth perpetrated by sick minds like Glenn Beck and Judeos to make you believe they have something to do with our Mesia. being born and a gift unto us by the Jews. This is a lie! Judaism is 360% from Christianity and is the anti Christ incerted into our perfect religion to pervert our religion. The entire bible is about the love for Gods real chosen the white people of Anglo Saxon creed  The word Saxon is a perversion because the real word should be Saccson from the tribe of Isacc. This was changed by the Jews to “SAXON” in the 1800’s to confuse white Christians as to whom they are and also to hide real history  The bible is also about Gods hatred for the Jews, the reason Jesus was murdered. If you read your bible and stop listening to morons like Glenn you would learn these truths and see that God has always hated Esau ( Jews) and still does today. They are the true anti-Christ.  How could a state created in 1948 who stole the name of Gods chosen and applied it to their terrorist state be the same Israel that God talked about in the bible some 2000 years ago? It can’t, it was created by demons to make you believe they are the chosen , by those who hate Christians, and God and especially Jesus. Beck simply panders to them for money and fear of the Jews. Perhaps they have some tape on him when he visited Israhell  and they threatened to expose him so he bows to these evil monsters and lies to you to save his own skin. Beck is heading for hell and if you continue to follow him you will to will be with him and those demon anti- Christ .  Read the Bible and prove to me that the Jews are Israel and the chosen other than the fact that they have been telling everyone that for decades!  God has NEVER called the Jews Israel in the bible nor has He ever called Israel Jews. This is a Jewish lie and Beck is also a liar!

    • crazykuhn

      Have you even read the Old Testament of the Bible? The Israel or Palestine was given to Abraham for his posterity, of which the Jews are a small part. The fight between the Jews and the Arabs dates back to Isaac and Ishmael, two sons of Abraham. These cultures argue about who received the inheritance from Abraham. The Jewish/Christian Torah/Old Testament Bible state that Isaac got the birthright because he was born of Abraham’s wife Sarah. The Quran says that Ishmael, being the firstborn, received the birthright.
      Furthermore, you who supposedly follow Christ should learn about Him more. He was a Jew himself. He loved the Jews, bringing them the Gospel first, before us Gentiles. Christ is a God of love, not hate. Hate is not even in His vocabulary. Yes, in the end the Jews murdered Him through the hands of the Romans, but He is also a God of forgiveness. When they finally turn to Him, and recognize Him as their promised Messiah, He will not turn them away. His hand reaches out for them still. Who are we to decide how He feels. His ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts. We can only truly understand Him by reading all His scriptures, modern and ancient. Repent of your wicked thoughts toward your brethren. Until you do, you are not worthy of being called Christian.

  • RickC

    When Israel goes it will begin the thousand years of peace for there can be no peace until this anti-Christ state is destroyed . They are not the chosen! read John in the bible and see what God says about these anti-Christ Jews of Israel. Israel is a terrorist land built on terror and murder. They have murdered hundreds of thousand Christians to obtain this land and still do so today. Israel was not created until 1948 . We survived before them and will after, only we will have more peace once this anti-Christ state of terror is going. Praise God for the destruction of the state of Israel  who stole the name of Gods true chosen and applied it to their terrorist state. Even God Himself in the bible said that he would leave the name of the Chosen  “ISRAEL” unto those who stole Israels heritage as a curse unto them and give Israel a new name. So anyone from that time on going under the name Israel is a fraud , a cursed people , thieves of true Israel’s heritage. The word Caucasian is older than the name Jew and when true Israel was chased into the Caucus mountains they were mocked and called Caucasians for they lived on the steps of the Caucus mountains. This was the new name given unto true Israel, Anyone going by Israel today is under the curse of God and will be destroyed …..praise God!

  • RickC

    Fool, The state of Israel which was created in 1948 is not the Israel of the Bible. The Israel of the bible is NEVER a piece of terrorist land and is always a people for which the Jews can NEVER be according to scriptures. If we stand for Israel we stand for a people chosen by God not a terrorist state. And those people called Israel are not the Jews according to scripture. Those people are listed in the bible and are not the Jews

    Gen 17:19
    “But God replied, “No–Sarah, your wife, will give birth to a son for you. You will name him Isaac, and I will confirm my covenant with him and his descendants as an everlasting covenant.

     You see, the covenant was made with Isaac, or the Isaacians. , or Saacsons. In Hebrew we do not pronounce the “I” thus leaving you with Saac. Saac had a son and it was customary to call call him Saacs-Son. Thus became the Saacsons. In the late 1600’s the Jews changed the name from Saacsons to Saxons to cause the true people of Israel to loose their identity. Thus is the way of Satan’s children to mislead true Israel. God told true Israel that He would leave their name as ” a curse unto those who stole Israel’s heritage. So according to scripture anyone going by the name Israel is a fraud and under Gods curse. He them told true Israel that He would give them a new name and that name became Saacson’s or known today as the Saxons thanks to the devils children and their deceptive ways.

      Now this name Saacson is older than the name “Jew’ which is a 1600 inventive English word which was a slang for the Kharzars who came to America. In Hebrew at the time of God there was no “J” or “J”: equivalent until 1600 when the French invented the “J” for the Americans. look it up for once instead of believing your phoney preachers.Now when true Israel was chased into the Caucasus Mountains their captors mocked them and called them Caucasians , for they lived of the steps of the Caucasus mountains.Teh word “Caucasians is over 2000 years old and older than the word Jew, and as old as the name Jesus. Thus was the new name given true Israel who before that were know as the Saacson’s. It’s all in your bible but you know not because you prefer to be willfully ignorant and lazy and believe that which your judaized pastor says. If you read your Bible you would know these truths. The bible says to rightfully divide the word of God and you shall know these truths . You don’t because you do not understand Gods word. The Bible also states in John an throughout how God hated the Jews, they are of their father Satan, the are not the seed of Abraham and Jesus rebukes them on claiming
    this. That they alone murdered Jesus who was God in the flesh because they do the works of their father satan. That they are the only anti-Christ and there would be many in our day. Read, study and divide the word as commanded by God and you will not be as ignorant as the Jew Glenn Beck who was sent here to dis-inform you and confuse for the Jew. Glenn is a devil and a liar and he will surely have his place in the lake of fire for filthy lucre’s sake. He sold out God and his chosen people for money, false fame and fear of the Jew.

  • RickC

    Maybe you should read more instead of being foolish over a book that is propaganda. Then you would know that the Israel Mossad launches these phony rockets into their own land and hits targets were  non-Jews live and calls them Jews. This racist state kills tow birds with one stone. They get rid of the non-Jews and get to murder more innocent Palestinian babies before they grow up to remember who killed their parents.

    Israel is a terrorist nation and not the Israel of the bible . Only a fool would believe that because he does not read his bible for truth. Their motto is ” By deception We Shall do War. ” Deception is of the devil and God calls the Jews children of the devil in John, literal children of the devil!

    Want more truth, study, read the bible for truth yourself instead of listening to your Judaized ppreacher or the Jew Glenn Beckham, Beckenstein.

    Try this:

  • RickC

    Duh, the Fact that Obama has not bowed to terrorist Israel makes him more of a christian than any president except for Kennedy who died for making a stand against the terrorist state of Israel who stole the name of Gods chosen and applied it to their anti-Christ state.Read your passage “If my people who are called by my name” is for true Israel not the fraud in the state of Israhell. Gods people are not in Israel they are in all the white nations , those who are called by God. The state of Israel is an anti-Christ nation full of those who hate God and Jesus and especially Christians. They are not now nor will ever be of GOD. They don’t even have authority to use the name of GOD, that is why they spell it G_D. They say the word but mean another god whom is not the God of heaven. Their God is Satan as is mentioned in the bible in John and several times throughout .The state of Israel is a nation that comes against the true Israel whom the Jews are not nor ever can be , as stated in the bible many times.

       The entire Bible is about warning true Israel who the anti-Christ Jews are and the hatred God has for the JEWS, God told true Israel that He would leave their name ( Israel) as a curse unto those who stole true Israel’s heritage and that He (GOD) would give true Israel a new name.So by Gods own words , true Israel today is going by another name and those who call themselves Israel today are under the curse of GOD and a fraud. Israel of the bible is always a people and NEVER a piece of terrorist land who’s people stole the name of GODS true chosen and applied it to their terrorist state to fool the world into believing they are the chosen of GOD. They are the chosen, of their God Satan and they know it.

        Now the new name was given to true Israel when they were chased into the Caucasus mountains and their they lived for fear of their captors and were mocked and called Caucasians  because they lived on the steps of the Caucasus mountains. Thus is the new name that God gave unto the real chosen. Read your bible instead of listening to your lying judaized pastor who would lie to you for filthy lucre’s sake. Then you will find the truth. Yeah, you can tell your pastor that I Rick said he was a liar and I challenge him to prove me otherwise. This is why Glenn Beckenstein/ Beckham  aka ( BECK) will not challenge us because he knows we know the truth and are unchallengeable.Beck is a liar and wants to drag as many of you to hell with him that he can for his people the Jews.

  • RickC

    Duhhhh, Moses law is Christ law and they are one and the same.Mohammad’s law however is not the same. Just as Judaism and Christianity are 180 degrees from one another. You will not know this until you understand that Judaisms holy book is the Talmud which they believe is above the law of GOD. The Talmud reads like a book of filth and a book of a pedophile . Don’t believe me, look for yourself and find the truth. There is no reason today for you to be ignorant with the invention of the internet.Look up ” The Talmud Exposed” and see the filth and hatred these Jews have for Christians and Jesus in their own words.

  • RickC

    I for one do not believe Obama is a good president but he will stand before God and be blessed that he did not bow to this terrorist state who stole the name of Israel’s real chosen and applied it to their racist , terrorist state to make the world believe they are the chosen of GOD. Remember that the State of Israel is the ones who have caused all the trouble in that region. Before the invention of the state of Israel in 1948 there was peace…….always. Then  Israel became and they have caused war after war, murdered the innocent and use deception to make others ( America) fight their wars because they are cowards. They have killed countless Americans in the bombing of the USS Cole and the twin Towers in what they have caused to blame of their enemies so they can steal their land and wealth so they can build their satanic ” greater Israel”  for their God satan. Read John and see how much GOD hated the Jews and in Titus tells us Christians how we are to NEVER believe any word that comes from the mouth of a JEW because they are liars, murder’s from the beginning and have perverted the word of GOD. Yes God did say this and he did use the word “JEW” in Titus. In John he calls the Jews liars when they said they were Abraham’s children, He said they were of their father Satan and that where he ( Jesus) goes ( heaven) they can never come. And yes , again He said Jews

    !hn 8:39

    “Our father is Abraham!” they declared. “No,” Jesus replied, “for if you were really the children of Abraham, you would follow his example. [fn]hn 8:41

    No, you are imitating your real
    father.” They replied, “We aren’t illegitimate children!

    God himself is our true Father.”

    Jhn 8:42

    Jesus told them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, because I have come to you from God. I am not here on my own, but he sent me.Jhn 8:44

    For you(Jews) are the children of
    your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He
    was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth,
    because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with
    his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  • RickC

    The key word Cindy is “people” not a piece of terrorist land who stole the name of GODS chosen people and applied it to their terrorist state to make the world believe they are GODS chosen, Yes we are a holy people belonging to God but the passage does not say a state called Israel, it says a people never a piece of land that was invented in 1948. They are not the same Israel of the Bible some 2000 years ago. They are the great fraud and under the curse of GOD for stealing true Israel’s heritage.
        The bible is a book warning true Israel about the Jews. read in John how Jesus hated the Jews. In Titus where god tells us to NEVER believe anything that comes from the mouth of a Jew, nor are we to ever believe anything their Rabbi’s say for they lie and pervert the word of God. For Gods sake read the bible yourself for understanding instead of listening to your judaized pastor who is a liar. The state of Israelis not the Israel of the bible and until you read the bible for truth you will forever be lost and under the control of the ant-Christ Jews who hate Jesus and GOD!

  • RickC

    Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to wipe Israel off the map. With the invention of the internet and the ability to have translations of any internet video or vocabulary, it amazes me how ignorant some people can willfully be.Watch the video and see the truth that Ahmadinejad did not say he wanted to wipe Israel off the earth. He simply stated that Israel needed a regime change from the murderous regime it now has . There is no excuse for you to be ignorant and to listen to the ignorant man Glenn beck who is on Israels payroll or is possibly being blackmailed by Israel . That is the reason Glenn is a liar, or perhaps it is because the money is good for lying for Israel. Or maybe it is because his days as a drunkard have never left him. He would be better off a drunk than to lie in the face of GOD for Gods enemies.

    See video here:

  • RickC

    lol…. ignorance seems to be contagious in this forum.Oh well with a liar like Beck……

  • RickC

    That is true. Israel a people, never a piece of terrorist land who stole true Israels name and applied it to their terrorist state to fool the world into believing they are GODS chosen.Remember , even Jesus said he would Never walk with the Jews for they are liars, deceivers, murder’s ( they killed Christ Jesus) and hate GOD.

  • RickC

    Ah the spelling is “Net a Yahoo” ….lol. Since you willfully remain ignorant listening to the liar Beck, I hope to wake you up to the truth of terrorist Israel.

    Hundred of videos of Israeli terrorism:

    Israel: The Terrorist:

    The History of Terrorism in Israel and Palestine

    Israel’s Sacred Terrorism:If Americans only Knew:

    Israeli agents posed as CIA to recruit terrorists — RT

    Israeli Motto:
    “There is another defining property of ‘terrorism’ in contemporary newspeak: it refers to violent acts by Them, not Us.”The late professor Israel Shahak, a Holocaust survivor, and then
    chairman of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, wrote: “There
    is nothing new in the fact that Israel is a terrorist state, which,
    almost from its inception,
    has used its intelligence service (the
    Mossad) to assassinate people on foreign soil with any violence or
    terror it considers necessary for its ends.”

    Israeli Terrorist Cell Uncovered in Egypt

    Israel Terrorism and Torture History

    International bodies ignore Israeli terrorism | Occupied …

    Did Ahmadinejad Call For Israel To Be “Wiped Off The Map …

    Ahmadinejad mistranslated? – YouTube

    “WIPED OFF THE MAP” – The Rumor of the Century by Arash Norouzi

    I could go on for more , but it is time you learn the truth as to what a liar Glenn Beck is. It is time that God comes against these liars and the lying anti-Christ state of Israel and finally destroy them all for world peace. Glenn must wonder why he has so many health problems. It is because he lies about gods word and the truth about the terrorist state of Israel for “filthy Lucre’s ” sake. Its gonna get worse for Glenn as he is as cursed by God as is the filthy terrorist state of Israel whose people are not the chosen of GOD as described inthe bible hundreds of times. When terrorist Israel is finally destroyed, and it will be because of their own doing, then there will be peace for a thousand years upon the earth. Praise God for the true people called Israel are the ones he protects, not the state of terrorist Israel.

  • RickC

    Prove it! Prove it in the bible where God says that the state of Israel created in 1948, and the Jews are in fact the chosen of God! You can’t and you won’t because they are not. God hated them “ESAU” and still does today because they are the true anti-Christ.

  • RickC

    What! You calling Winston Churchill a liar?

  • RickC

    True they are. But the state of Israel who stole true Israel’s name and applied it to their terrorist state are not!

  • RickC

    more Israeli propaganda

  • RickC

    lol funny you don’t know Gods word

  • Dbone Garms

    God, short for Gobbling of Dollars. Religion is a business and a business only! It’s the biggest con game ever devised by a governing society. It turns honest humans into thieves, it is rampant in sexual misconduct and it makes people fat. All signs of an illicit business. For someone so powerful as preachers share, he has never shown his face to anyone on earth as of 30 Jan 12.  Yes, many people have witnesses seeing him but, like UFOs their is never positive proof. In fact, know one to date has taken this idol to court and asked him to ID himself.  Why not? Because, those who run it are to busy feasting on their share of GOD. An uncountable amount of Money goes into this belief because of our insecurities and it will, forever. Have a Safe and Productive Day! Dbone      

  • Anonymous

    God promised Abraham that he would live for ever in the land that God would give him.i do stand with Israel always

  • Lina Abojaradeh

    I used to always respect you for your views on the iraqi war and libya and especially your interview with bill maher. But this is appalling. How could this be true?! (

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