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As other media networks are going crazy as they scramble for clues, listeners and viewers are wondering where they can keep seeing Glenn once his daily TV show ends. So what’s next? Don’t worry, Glenn’s has a plan and he’s been thinking about this new direction for quite a while. He’s not going to be relegated to Twitter, YouTube, or (thankfully!) MSNBC. Glenn hinted at some of these big plans on radio this morning.

“It is a new era. Yesterday, in case you didn’t hear and you are tuning in for the first time today and you don’t know what’s going on with me, I’m sorry to waste your time with something, and if you are a fan and you have come to rely on one of my many branches of my business that being Fox, we announced yesterday that I will be transitioning at Fox,” Glenn said.

“I’m going to remain with Fox producing some specials. I don’t want to get into any more detail than that. We are still going to be working together. We signed a new deal with Fox.”

“Beyond that, I am not going to be doing the 5:00 TV show for very much longer. That will be transitioned out of at their convenience. I have told them that I will work and I will honor my contract and do everything that they would ever need all the way. I am not only respectful of Fox and what it is. It is the most powerful name in news. That is not just America, that is in the globe. There is no other news organization like Fox,” Glenn said.

“I remember how hard that was to get anybody to listen when I was over at CNN, and I don’t have any illusion to think that I’m anything other than the guy I was when I first walked through the door at Fox, and I know as the door hits me in the butt one day that I will be that same guy, and I know who Fox is. I know who Roger Ailes is. Roger Ailes is the guy if we don’t have Roger Ailes we probably wouldn’t have had Ronald Reagan as a President. So I honor his service to his country. He’s a businessman. That’s what he does. He’s done an amazing thing for our country. I don’t know honestly if we would survive as a country. I don’t know if we would still be the United States of America if it wasn’t for Fox News and Roger Ailes.”

“The people that have been there all of these years holding down the fort, Bill O’Reilly has become one of my good, good friends. Don Imus, a legend, has become a good friend of mine. My floor crew yesterday, I mean, the show’s not over, and I’m not going away, and when I talk to the floor crew yesterday, we all kind of teared up. I mean, okay. I cried. They teared up. . They’re the best people I ever worked with. They’re just amazing.”

“With that being said, it’s a new era.” (editor’s note: emphasis mine)

“I want to talk to you frankly here. As frankly as I can be at this time, but you are a good friend of mine. I hope that you have come to know that I try extraordinarily hard to never dishonor myself. I am a guy who is a work in progress, but I try really hard.”

“I will tell you that part of my frustration is I am a businessman. I am fiercely independent. I have done an independent radio show since I was is 13 years old. Pat knows when he worked with me 30 years ago, 20 years ago, how I am just an independent guy, and I have my own way of doing things,” Glenn said.

“I’m an independent guy, and part of the problem bringing that down to cable news is locked to a certain city. I am locked to other people’s time not mine. And other people’s money not mine.”

“Sometimes I want to spend more money and some of the Fox people who work on the show have been paid by me, the research that we do. Much of it, I paid for myself. If anybody thinks I got rich off Fox News, you’re out of your mind. I spent a lot of money on that show because I believed what I was saying.”

And even though Glenn is leaving his news show, he doesn’t intend to leave a vacuum in the news arena.

“That’s why last fall I created The Blaze. You’ll notice it’s not the Glenn Beck Blaze. You’ll notice that I hired really competent, people that have made the industry say what the heck is he doing? I know exactly what I’m doing.”

“It is a new era and The Blaze is going to lead the way. That is only one of the ventures.”

“There will be no interruption between you and I as we start to ramp things up. If I left the show and it is up to Fox when I would leave the show, I will work for as long as they want, but when they’re ready I will transition off the show.”

“If I’m not ready with the things that I’m going to launching, I will tell you that I will have the bridge and you and I will meet still every day at Glennbeck.com.”

“I won’t charge you anything.”

“I will meet with you every day to make sure you see the things that you see the things that you need to see. But we’re also going to be doing things, looking for different audiences, younger audiences, comedy audiences as well. Everyone who thought that they had corralled us in one little space, better look out.”

“Because we’re about to saddle up and we’re coming riding for you.”