Where is Glenn going next?

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So what is Glenn doing next now that he’s got all this free time? Stu had some suggestions.

Suggestion 1: Replace Charlie Sheen on “Two and a Half Men”!

Glenn: “I have mastered that role of half a man.  I’ll think of it.  Let me say, boom, winning.”

Suggestion 2: A guest spot on Glee in an episode where all the drama students make fun of him for crying too much.

Glenn: “Looks like someone has too much time on their hands”

Suggestion 3: A new series.  Like Intervention, but this time, people intervene to get Glenn to start drinking again.

Glenn: “How is that different from what you normally do?  How is that different?”

Suggestion 4: Recurring role on Family Guy as Peter Griffin’s fatter, lest tactful, more slovenly, fatter long lost brother.

Glenn: “Fill out pink slips.”

Suggestion 5: Host a new special called the Black Agenda. (This one’s a joke,no real network would let a fat, dumpy white guy host a show called The Black Agenda. Right, MSNBC?)

Pat: “That would be a ratings loser

Suggestion 6: Curate the Woodrow Wilson museum, which would mysteriously burn down two weeks later.

Glenn: “I wouldn’t burn it down.  Are you accusing me of burning it down?”

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