Glenn got fired? Was it poor ratings? No! It was because all the advertisers were fleeing, right? Wrong! The idiots are out in force, and they don’t seem to get that Glenn announced a new deal with FOX News – not a cancellation (Hey, did anyone see Glenn’s show last night? Or the night before? Or how about when he comes back from his tour?). Maybe they can’t read the press release, even though they claim to monitor everything Glenn says and does. (Media Matters, he’s in the bathroom right now. Just hold your horses). While they seem to be ignoring the real story – like Glenn now producing specials for FOX TV and digital – they do seem to enjoy hitting a bunch of falsehoods.

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So what are the facts?

Well, if you listen to the idiots, they’ll tell you that Glenn has lost over 300 advertisers since they started their little boycotts. Lies. Watch Stu, Pat, and Glenn mock them in this funny little clip. And if you know any idiots out there, be sure to click the “share” button to see all the ways you can show them the truth.

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And what about “Good Morning America”, which claimed Glenn’s ratings were plummeting (what part of THIRD HIGHEST RATED SHOW do they not get?). The ratings must have led to their messy “divorce, right? Again, idiots:

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Again, that share button will help you tell everyone how full of lies the left has been on this. Remember, the truth has no agenda.