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Progressives really don’t seem to like the way that America works, and they are on a mission of change. But they don’t just want a change from the Bush years, they really do want to fundamentally change the way the country works. On radio, Glenn looked at several examples of the fundamental transformation Progressives are pursuing in this country.

Andy Stern has written an op-ed that calls for a change in checks and balances at the federal level. “In the midst of the transformative change of globalization and this third economic revolution, those layers have become an impediment to making the changes necessary to keep America competitive in the world economy.  Today America crawls along as a snail’s pace,” Glenn read from Stern’s piece.

“He is actually now beginning to lay out the argument that the checks and balances system of the Constitution is no good,” Glenn said.

“Most frequent visitor to the White House when he was with SEIU,” Pat pointed out.

“But I’m sure the President doesn’t believe any of this nonsense,” Glenn said.

With all of these stories coming out, Glenn wondered if the Justice Department would ever stop and take a look at what the union leaders have been calling for.

Brian Becker, another progressive leader with the Party for Socialism and Liberation, has been saying that nonviolence isn’t the answer to achieving their goals.

“The people in Venezuela and the people in Cuba and the people everywhere who want to be free is build a revolutionary party, an organization and movement in the United States that can fight and defeat U.S. imperialism,” he said.

“We’re a party of activism.  We believe that without action, without struggle, the idea of Marxist politics or socialist politics or progressive politics is, in fact, very empty,” he continued.

“ Notice how he ties all of those together,” Pat said. “Marxism, socialist, progressivism, all tied in there together by this guy.”

Becker continued, “We’re not a discussion group.  We’re not discussing issues because they’re interesting.  We are discussing things because we want to go in to struggle against oppression.  Promote the liberation which operates out of a Marxist framework and a revolutionary social framework to answer the larger question that if it wasn’t just oil, what made this war happen?”

“In two weeks in front of the White House and around the country demonstrating and some people aren’t going to be demonstrating because they’re against any war.”

“We have George Washington on our dollar bills.  He led an armed struggle against British colonialism.  We’re taught that that was a good thing, even though it was violent.  In the case of the U.S. Civil War, the bloodiest war for the United States in its history, 650 or 700,000 people died in the U.S. Civil War, but the outcome of that war was the end of chattel slavery as a legal institution.  That was the progressive outcome.  The destruction of the system of slavery was a positive and progressive development.  The fact that there had to be massive violence does not take away all from the fact that it was a progressive development.” Becker said.

“It is amazing to me how everybody, of course, was looking so hard for the violent rhetoric from Americans.  We have it in spades.  We have it in spades.  Name the other show!  Name the other show in America!  Name it!  That has built the case all the way along, that has shown who’s involved and how it’s coming down and showing the violence,” Glenn said.

‘Where are the hearings in Washington?  This is not some witch hunt.  We have them saying it on tape!  And nobody seems to care,” Glenn said.