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Did you hear that conservatives are trying to shut down the Internet? And they want to destroy the environment? It’s news to Glenn and crew too, but that didn’t stop Congressman Markey from going after the GOP in a new, slightly unhinged, attack.

You can watch the video (courtesy of The Blaze) below:

Markey said, “On Wednesday this week they brought to the House floor a bill to repeal the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases. Then yesterday they passed a resolution to repeal the FCC’s ability to ensure the openness of the Internet.”

“Does anybody have a problem with the openness of the Internet? You can get on the Internet and pretty much write anything,” Glenn said.

“Their bill will do exactly what they say the GOP is trying to do. The GOP is trying to stop them from radically altering the Internet,” Pat said.

Stu pointed out the ridiculousness of their argument, as progressives are trying to add FCC regulation to the Internet, which is inherently free already. “When you add regulation to it, you can’t make it more free. It was already free,” he said.

Glenn said, “Anybody who uses the Internet, really uses the Internet, you know how free it is. YouTube, what is that? You can go and post your own news story. You can put it anywhere and if you have done a good enough job, it will catch on.”

Markey also said, “So, as time ticked down on Friday afternoon the Republicans in Congress were trying to shut down the Internet and the Federal Government simultaneously. They didn’t shut down the government and we’re about to make sure that they don’t shut down the Internet, either. We are going to organize, mobilize, and get energized to fend off these assaults.”

“What a ridiculous idea. So, if we don’t set a new set of regulations, the Internet will stop and you’re talking about companies that want to make money off of the Internet. Why would they shut down the Internet? It would just shut down, you know, a third, a quarter of their business? Why would they do that?” Stu asked.

“It’s so amazing, though, if you boil down this argument … if you boil down Markey’s argument, what he’s saying is the government doesn’t have enough power. Who believes that in America? Who sits back and thinks, gosh, if the government had only more power to control our actions?”

“And this is a guy, by the way, that is the mental muscle behind the global warming bill they’re trying to pass,” Glenn said.