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A small amount of controversy surrounded Glenn this morning when a conservative website posted an “exclusive” story accusing Glenn of not properly attributing sources for stories he reported on TV. Glenn responded to the article on radio this morning, pointed out some glaring inaccuracies and falsehoods, and interviewed one of the “victims”, Glenn’s friend (and Blaze writer) Mike Opelka.

One of the articles main accusations is that Glenn stole the slogan “The Truth Has No Agenda” from Blaze write Mike Opelka. This isn’t exactly true. In order to prove his innocence, Glenn brought Opelka on to clear up the situation.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but I was the best man at your wedding,” Glenn said.

Opelka joked that saying Glenn stole from him would be like saying someone stole a car from a dealership after giving them the full money for it. It just didn’t happen.

“I buy ‘The Truth Has No Agenda’ from you. I hire you to work for me,” Glenn said.

“We sat in a conference in March of 1990 with Michael Opelka putting together an FM morning show. We were stealing stuff from him back then,” Pat joked.

“I do have obligations to you to turn out some sort of work product on a regular daily basis,” Opelka joked.

The truth of the matter is that Glenn and Opelka obviously have a close relationship and a business relationship, and Glenn paid Opelka for the slogan.

But why would this conservative website want to attack Glenn and his credibility? Could it be because The Blaze analyzed and debunked a story they reported on that was full of holes? “I want to make sure everyone is aware, this 100% is not an attempt at revenge with the website that came up with the James O’Keefe web story,” Stu joked. “Not transparent, guys.”

“They’re not upset that we ruined their cute little story,” Stu added.

“I want you to know that if I have ever not attributed somebody, it is not that I didn’t intend to. We’re not scrubbing videos. This is the most ridiculous charge I ever heard. If I have not attributed somebody, I apologize for that,” Glenn said, noting that thousands of hours of broadcast each day may result in some misses.

“And the other thing that I think needs to be said and I think we’re all thinking of it is, wow, wow, it must have really hurt when we didn’t take the story from James O’Keefe because we thought it had holes all through it and then when it was run, we spoke out against it.” (You can read The Blaze analysis/possible motivation for accusations here).

“Now to follow up that bad NPR piece, they run another piece full of holes.”

The Blaze posted the video below, which is a small sample of all the times Glenn has properly sourced bloggers and news sites, including the ones who voiced discontent in the article.