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Texas has been struck by wildfires, but Obama has denied their requests for federal aid. Could this be a case of Obama punishing his “enemies”?

“Yeah, and Rick Perry’s trying to ‑‑ been trying to get federal help in Texas for, what, two weeks now, 14 days?” Pat said.

“I believe this would fall right into the category of punishing your enemies, Mr. Obama.  Because I call you Mr. Obama here intentionally because you’re not acting like the president of the United States.  You are acting like a private individual that is campaigning and punishing his enemies,” Glenn said.

“You have one of the 50 states crying out for two weeks and saying we need emergency assistance.”

“You have the state that I believe provided 3/4 of the jobs for the recovery for the last two years and what are you doing?  Punishing them?  Or do you have a golf game or a fundraiser to get to before you get to the respond to Texas for help.  My gosh, Mr. Obama!  Read the Declaration of Independence.”
So where was Obama while ignoring Texas’s plea for help? He was in NYC attending various fundraising dinners and events across the city. Nice work.