On radio this morning, Glenn responded to a recent comic book story where Superman renounced his American citizenship after being chided by US officials for nonviolently supporting a Middle East uprising.

The Blaze explains:

He’s just so sick of being pigeon-holed as an instrument of U.S. policy. And “truth, justice, and the American way“ are ”not enough anymore.” That’s why Superman, in the latest Action Comic, has announced he is “renouncing” his U.S. citizenship.

Although he’s traditionally seen as an American hero (remember, though, he is an alien), Superman is fed up with being connected to the USA. According to the Comics Alliance blog (and reported by BoingBoing), in Action Comics #900 Superman tells the president‘s national security adviser that he’s had enough of the Red, White, and Blue

“Do you remember when I said you’re not going to recognize your country? My gosh, look at this. Superman is renouncing his citizenship because he’s a citizen of the world. And that’s the least of your problems,” Glenn said.

“I mean, this is what they’re teaching. This is the indoctrination that is happening. We are losing our country because we have lost our children. We have got to grab a hold of our children,” Glenn said.

“You know, it has been such a strong prompting of mine to make sure that I leave Fox and I go and I try to target with information the youth of America. And quite honestly I don’t know how to do it. I really don’t. We are making it up as we go along. But I am moving in that direction. But boy, are we going to need your help,” he said.

“We are so far behind.”