What: Sixth Annual Washington Summit for Christians United for Israel

When: July 18 – 20 (Mon, Tue, Wed) – Glenn Beck will be the keynote speaker at the “Night to Honor Israel Banquet” (Tuesday, July 19)

Where: Washington D.C. Convention Center

For more information and to register: http://www.cufi.org/site/PageServer?pagename=2011Summit_Welcome

Glenn Beck will be the keynote speaker at Christians United for Israel’s sixth annual Washington Summit on July 18-20, 2011. Glenn will give the keynote speech at “A Night to Honor Israel” ,a banquet held on Tuesday evening, July 19.

While Christians United for Israel (CUFI) has regularly held hundreds of “Nights for Israel” across America, this annual event gives participants the opportunity to unite their voices in speaking with elected officials to maintain our nation’s support for Israel and the Jewish state.

Roughly 4,500 people gathered at last year’s Washington Summit to demonstrate solidarity with Israel and listen to speakers and religious leaders such as world-renowned pastor and founder of CUFI, John Hagee.

“Israel’s enemies are our enemies; Israel’s fight is our fight,” Hagee said at the Summit last year. “If a line has to be drawn, then let it be drawn around both of us: Christians and Jews, Americans and Israelis.”

Attendees commented on last year’s event:

As a child of Holocaust survivors, I grew up with the feeling that everyone hated Jews. . . . But when I came to the CUFI Summit, I witnessed a tremendous outpouring of love for Israel and the Jewish people. – Rachal from Chicago, IL.

After attending CUFI Washington Summit I now feel more equipped to be not only a Christian voice, but a political voice both on my college campus on American soil. – Clayton, a student from Mobile, AL.

I always prayed for Israel but I never really knew why I had too. So coming to the summit made me understand why Christians should stand up for Israel. – Imani from San Antonio, TX.

This year, some of the most influential leaders and thinkers will come together to discuss the recent developments in Israel and the Middle East and their connection to Washington D.C. Besides Pastor John Hagee, other speakers will include nationally syndicated radio host, Dennis Prager, Ambassador John Bolton and Ambassador Michael Oren.

The Summit will feature classes and seminars as well as a prayer session, a movie and, of course, the Night to Honor Israel Banquet with Glenn Beck. Messages are focused around Israel: the importance of its history, key events surrounding its current situation and predicted future events. Two breakout sessions will allow participants to attend classes entitled “Israel 101,” “Christian Zionism” and “The Looming Threats” to name a few. For a full schedule of events click here

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