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Glenn has finally found a candidate he’s willing to endorse, but Dan Adler may wish Glenn had just kept his mouth shut.

Last week on radio, Glenn ran what he thought was the worst political ad ever made. The ads, promoting Californian Dan Adler, featured a Korean woman who said that she should vote for Adler simply because she’s Korean and he’s Jewish and that minorities should ‘stick together’. The ad also featured several offensive stereotypes of Koreans and Asians.

Glenn took issue with the ad, saying that people should vote based on principles and values, not race or creed. Somehow, Adler took Glenn’s critcism as an endorsement and released a statement declaring himself the candidate endorsed by Glenn Beck. This morning, Dan may regret his statement.

“It doesn’t make any sense for a progressive to want my endorsement. So, today I heartily endorse — what’s his name? — Dan Adler. I want the voters in California to know that we are practically brothers of the brain,” Glenn said.

“We are so like minded, he has the same positions on almost everything, although he’s not coming out and saying those things .”

“We both believe that the rich are paying far too much. Pay their fair share? They pay more than their fair share. They deserve a tax break,” Glenn declared in his support for he and Adler’s shared stance.

Let’s see if the progressive Adler decides to run with Glenn’s support.

Watch Glenn’s special ad

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