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Glenn and his company, Mercury Radio Arts, announce an exciting new business venture – Markdown.com!

Markdown is the latest addition to Glenn’s expansive media business, and it represents his first venture into the “social buying” arena. Like most of Glenn’s business ventures, Markdown has been designed with values and principles in mind. “We believe in value, but we also believe in values—the idea that we should be guided by a set of principles that transcends money,” the website explains.

“There are few things that I value more than the trust you’ve placed in me over the years. It’s something that I take very seriously,” Glenn said in a letter to fans announcing the new venture.

“Markdown is a place where I will be able to connect you directly with the products and retailers that I love. From the best ice cream in America that you’ve never heard of, to a great summer beach read, to exclusive discounts at the name brand retailers you already know by heart-Markdown will offer all of that and more. But, best of all, Markdown is a place where my personal slogan-value and values¬-will be brought to life.”

How does Markdown work? Every promotion listed at Markdown will already be a great deal – in fact, they will only announce deals that they feel are a benefit to the consumer. But the really interesting part – what sets it apart from similar websites – is how you can get an additional markdown on a great deal by sharing it with your friends. For every friend that buys it with your recommendation, you get an additional 10% markdown on the discounted price. In other words, get ten friends and it’s yours for free.

Markdown’s first deal finds them partnering with Chocolate.com – a company that supports American small businesses by connecting chocolate lovers with world-class, local chocolate shops across the country. Glenn was looking for a way to get small businesses a national stage to showcase their products, and this partnership was the perfect opportunity. As for the inaugural Markdown deal – for $10 you’ll get $20 worth of credit to use on anything on the Chocolate.com website.

Click here to visit Markdown.com