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If it weren’t for the failed car, toast, accent etc – this would have been a horrible gaffe but pales in comparison. President Obama actually fancies himself just like Ronald Reagan during the Cold War because of the Arab Spring. That’s quite a stretch but reveals that the President is more concerned and more active in the Middle East than most people are aware of – what did Glenn think of the comparison?

“Don’t think so,” he said.

“Our interest and our values are not coming together in Egypt. They are not coming together in Libya. They’re not coming together in Syria or Bahrain or Yemen. They’re not coming together in the Gaza strip or the west bank. They’re not coming together in Lebanon. Those are not values and principles. They’re not coming together in Iran. Our values and principles are not coming together on the Gaza flotilla,” Glenn said.

“I will tell you that we have information from the Middle East. We have contacts and this is the best news for you. We have– we have people all throughout the movement that do not agree with the movement. They don’t agree with it. We have people in other countries behind the Obama iron curtain, if you will, that understand what the Arab spring is really all about and information comes to us, and I will tell you that what is coming this summer and what is coming this fall, they are looking to model Martin Luther King,” Glenn warned.

“They do not believe in peace. This is Syria. This is Iran, and they are going to start pushing people across those borders, and they’re going to have them linked arms and they will overwhelm the Israeli borders until Israel has no choice. What are they going to do? They must defend themselves and the press and everybody else will cry, oh, look at the oppressor. They’ll do it. They did it last time. They did it on the Gaza flotilla the last year.”

“The world could change this summer. You have Memorial Day weekend coming up this weekend. Most of us tune out. We do that we tune out Memorial Day weekend and we play with the kids and we’re out in the pool and going here and there and we don’t watch TV anymore. We just kind of tune out. The world is counting on that, America. The world is counting on America tuning out.”