While we would be love to have everyone who wants to stand with Israel with us in Jerusalem on August 24th, we now that not everyone can make it to the event. So what can you do to get involved? Check out the list below, and look for new announcements in the very near future!

  1. ‘Like’ our Restoring Courage Facebook page
  2. Show your support by changing your Facebook and Twitter profile pics
  3. Make a sign for your yard that shows you ‘Stand with Courage’ (Purchase or Download)
  4. The event will be broadcast in the United States, so you can organize viewing parties with people in your community
  5. Use FreedomConnector.com and MeetUp.com to connect with other people who also want to stand with courage for Israel
  6. Connect with your local church, community centers, synagogues, and more to make sure they are aware of the event and the threats currently facing Israel
  7. Start a discussion group to familiarize yourself with the issues in the Middle East and Israel and to spread that information to others
  8. Hold a candlelight vigil to show your support
  9. Write to your congressman and encourage them to go and represent you in Israel
  10. Unite with your local church or community to start a fund to send one person to represent you
  11. Wear a ‘Stand with Courage’ t-shirt or wristband to show your support (Click here)

Brainstorm new ideas and e-mail them to us at Israel@glennbeck.com! We will highlight your great ideas!