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Yesterday, FOX News announced that Glenn’s last day would be Thursday, June 30th 2011. Glenn confirmed the date on radio this morning, and gave his first comments about his departure – complimenting FOX and promising that Glenn’s company, Mercury Radio Arts, would only be getting bigger and better in the months ahead.

“We can announce it now today that at the end of this month will be my last broadcast on Fox New Channel,” Glenn told his listeners this morning. “I went on TV and I did things that nobody has ever done before, at least at Fox, and they generally allowed me to continue to do it all the time and without interference, and I appreciate that.”

“I’m so going to miss the people at Fox,” Glenn said. “The people that I work with every day, I mean, I’ve told Jack and Oscar and Erin, Harry, and everybody it’s like a family.”

Glenn said that these last few weeks of shows would be the “shows of record” for him – and he would continue to say the things on air that no one else in news is saying and reporting the stories that are being ignored.

“I don’t care if we go out with 100 people watching the show. I want to make sure that the position is clear, and I want to say the things that have to be said.”

Glenn knows that many people are wondering where he will be after June 30th. “Where will we be? What is going to happen? Where is the show going to be? Is there going to be a show? What are we doing next? That, coupled with the number one question that I have had for the last year or two years is, okay, okay, we get it; now what?” he said.

“Make sure that you sign up for our free e-mail newsletter at GlennBeck.com and stay in touch. If you’re going on vacation, believe me this summer is going to be jam packed, and we are coming out of the box,” Glenn promised.

Glenn joked that with everything Mercury is working on – radio, ‘Restoring Courage’, Markdown, Mercury Ink, and other upcoming projects – the company is still short staffed despite many new hires.

“We are so short staffed. We have been hiring people left and right. Last week, or was it this week? I think it was Monday or Tuesday, I think we hired three people. Three people came into my office and it was like, yes, yes, yes. And it’s happening all over the company, and we’re hiring people so rapidly, yet we’re still so short staffed,” he said.

“We have interns almost as executives at this point,” he joked.