What Time? 7:00pm ET

Where can you watch? Facebook.com/GBTV or GlennBeck.com

Who is invited? Everyone! It’s FREE!

Learn more about GBTV here

This Wednesday night, June 8th, at 7pm ET Glenn Beck will be hosting a FREE special GBTV launch event, streamed directly to your homes at GlennBeck.com and GBTV’s new Facebook page! News of the launch event comes on the heels of Mercury Radio Arts, Glenn Beck’s multi-media production company, unveiling of GBTV – a live streaming video network featuring Glenn’s new daily two-hour show and a wide range of original and licensed information and entertainment programming.

The launch event will answer the two big questions that fans have asked the most since Glenn announced he would be transitioning off the FOX News Channel. Namely, “Where will Glenn be?” and “What do I do?” Glenn will answer these questions in depth, giving insight into the overall content of GBTV and the unprecedented level of involvement and interaction that fans will have.

The special will also be jam packed with behind-the-scenes video, including sneak peeks at TWO brand new, original GBTV programs that are sure to raise some eyebrows! Viewers will also get to see the new physical home of Glenn Beck as the show will be filmed and broadcast from his new studio!

Be sure to tune into GlennBeck.com or Facebook.com/GBTV at 7pm ET Wednesday night to watch the FREE GBTV launch event!