WATCH: The commercials for GBTV

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  • stinger

    I have been a Conservative since Carters demise. The one thing that I despise the most with politics is the lies and deception. That stands true whether it’s about politics or just normal conversation. It all boils down to credibility. When I listen to Conservative talk radio and hear there commercials that are filled with noting but deceptions and half truths it only makes me wonder if this is all a scam. The way I look at it is that if a person is honest and credible they are that way all the time. When they are willing to lie or deceive us in order to line their pockets how do we know what they are telling us is the truth when it comes to politics.Glen Beck is the worst offender when it comes to these scam commercials. The major problem with the Democrats is that they will defend their people and accept the lies so they never learn the truth. This will lead to the destruction of America.
    Another problem with these anoying comercials is that the majority of them are liberal buisnesses that contribute and vote Democrat. Nothing like giving the enemy money to destroy you with.

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