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On Wednesday night, Glenn Beck hosted a FREE special GBTV launch event, streamed directly to your homes at and GBTV’s new Facebook page! That premiere launch event is now ON DEMAND and still FREE!

News of the launch event comes on the heels of Mercury Radio Arts, Glenn Beck’s multi-media production company, unveiling of GBTV – a live streaming video network featuring Glenn’s new daily two-hour show and a wide range of original and licensed information and entertainment programming.

The launch event answered the two big questions that fans have asked the most since Glenn announced he would be transitioning off the FOX News Channel. Namely, “Where will Glenn be?” and “What do I do?” Glenn adressed these questions in depth, giving insight into the overall content of GBTV and the unprecedented level of involvement and interaction that fans will have.

The special was also jam packed with behind-the-scenes video, including sneak peeks at TWO brand new, original GBTV programs that are sure to raise some eyebrows! Viewers got to see the new physical home of Glenn Beck as the show was filmed and broadcast from his new studio!

  • Maryanne Tuck

    Why am I not getting the video today ..Friday the 24th

  • SoThere

    Who cares John?  Glenn has 80 million dollars and he’s not going anywhere, however, Obama the Marxist is getting his walking papers in November.  Sucker.


  • Matt C

    Handi Cap disability parking stall’s are being replace in Honolulu Hawaii by electric car only sign’s. So the disable are worthless in Hawaii?

  • Matt C

    Handi Cap disability parking stall’s are being replace in Honolulu Hawaii by electric car only sign’s. This can be found happening on military base’s. The handicap sign was removed on a marine satalite exchange in pear city. There were only one handi cap stall for parking and now it was replace with a electic car parking only now there is no parking for those wounded in action. Hawaii don’t care for there combat veterians. Please help our wounded veterins

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