Courage? Glenn (awkwardly) confronted GE CEO

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Glenn hopped in the elevator this morning, and on his way down GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt got in the elevator. That’s right, Glenn lives above the GE boss! But what’s more important was the distinct lack of courage Glenn showed when Immelt struck up a conversation and asked Glenn what he thought of the world.

“Mr. Big shot tough guy didn’t say anything when actually confronted,” Stu joked. “Stand! Unless you just want to get to work.  Stand for courage unless it’s inconvenient.”

What did Glenn tell Immelt? “I said, well, I don’t know exactly, Jeff, how people who are designing this ‑‑ and I left out “Mainly you,” how people are designing this.  Because I figured he knew he was helping design it.  How people are designing this think the little guy is going to fare.  I understand how the big guy is going to fare, and I assumed that he knew I knew he was the big guy.  I said, I understand how the big guys are going to fare, but how’s the little guy going to make it?  And I think he was then thinking, you son of a bitch, I just want to hit you in the face.”

  • David Samuel

    GO Glenn Yea! I don’t have TV anymore not since Congress did a Ma Bell to Analog TV Mine now resides on the front porch in the Rain.. I only got 5 words for You: NObama 2011 Obama Bin Fired

  • David Samuel


  • Janice Lenox

    Your response was right on point Glenn.  One thing you could have added when the doors opened was “God be with you” and Merry Christmas.  He probably would have fainted, but then you would have had to step over him to get out of the elevator.

  • Doug Bailey

    I liked W’s way of speaking better. He sounded like a regular guy.

  • Anonymous

    He speaks in 9 or 10 word segments and is not a first class orator by any means.  If being a glib speaker is a sign of the AntiChrist, this man is definitely not the one.

  • B.F. Deal

    How did you ever pull him out of Obamas ass to talk to him??

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to Texas!  People here are so nice, but be ready for people to talk to you and don’t be afraid, they are just being neighborly, especially in the grocery store or department store.  You might get suggestions on what to buy or asked what ya’ll fixin for dinner!

  • Phillip Taves

    Actually Glen I hope he thought that, the  hit you in face part, one would only hope to have some impact on those with whom we disagree with. My experience has led me to believe that people like Mr. Immelt could  really case less what we thought…………    

  • astds

    You got it right. You are right the time is near and God destroy Israel enemies open your eyes and see what is going on in Egypt, Syria. Iran all those explosive. Israel has the best spy ever our heavenly father. Who is saying anything or try to come against Israel is staying online to eat from GOD wrath. Turkey had an earthquake after Erduan spoke against Israel.

  • Anonymous

    I have had it with the go green crap, Now for all of you that thinks going green is so grea,t let us do a few things that show everyone just how damn stupid you really are, start by turning off your lights, And every electrical item in your house. Do not use your car, think of all the soot. do not even drink water from any source other than a stream as this was produced, using electrical motors to pump the water up into the water tank.Now we are almost there. we can’t buy from the store as machines powered by a gas motor was used to cultivate our veggie’s. Now we are back to the good old days. we have a outhouse, we have a mule to pull the plow, we grow our own food, we butcher out own animals, we do all our traveling in a wagon, Or we can ride our bike, we have no running water no electricty, We do have a few home made candles for light, we get eggs from our chickens. the fun part about having mules and cihckens, I that form time to time you step into their crap. But what to hell this is living. I have lived like that as a young lad, And to all those do gooders, that think green, I say if you can produce what we are using as energy cheaper, let s do it. If you can’t. Shut the hell up and enjoy life. Or go back to the good old days. I will will stay with lights and running water, and a indoor toilet. Can’t you see the green God Al Gore living in  the good old days, He would complain that horse farts smell bad. With some people you just can’t please.

  • Anonymous

    Ooops!   450 comments here.   Will have to see if I have a chance and time to comment.

    Get tired when it takes me 3-4 hours to wade through a lot of comments.   It’s hell to live on the

    West Coast and get this late.  At least, I do.

  • Carol Morgan

    i agree, but you are way more generous than i am, i cannot stand to hear him speak!!! i mean cannot stand ti! i have to tune whatever it is out. if it is the computer, i have to click out, if it is the tv i have to turn the channel or put on headphones so i can’t hear it!

  • Paul Reising

    Go Glenn, GO.

  • Anonymous

    This recurring question keeps me up at night. “How many communist crowded inside the Obama Trojan Horse and how many ended up in his cabinet regime?”

    A) All of them B) Most of them C) 99% of them

  • Rob Frick

    He is a good reader….

  • Snorri Sturluson

    Mr Beck be very thankful that you are out of New York City. Decent people in the City are moving out to upstate. We in upstate despise the “vote benefits for us” attitude of those in the City. It is my hope that we can spilt NYState into two separate states and let NYC, Westchester county and Bergen county become the San Francisco of the East coast.

  • Anonymous

    Was it time to try to climb up out of the escape pod, i.e. Mission Impossible just to flee the lies, insanity and complete lack of any human spirit!

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love Glenns honesty and transparency.  This time however, I also noticed his friends goading him on…Glenn is blessed to have such friends who sharpen him.  Iron sharpens iron.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is you are considerably more amicable than I. I would have let him have it, with both barrels.

  • Jim

    I think that if we are true Christians when we encounter people who disagree with us, we will say pleasant things, or complimentary things (if you can think of one) to them so that we will
    win them over by our humility and kindness. 

  • Anonymous

    From Samuel Insull, who was a model entrepreneurial pioneer, shunned and exiled in his time by the liberal progressives for making a profitable company, known at that time as “Edison General Electric,” to Immelt, a progressive coward, you can see just how sad and twisted this country is becoming. I absolutely love (sarcasm) the irony; the founding fathers, with their confidence and passion for building a dream country, tolerated those who hated them and their very ideals. Now, 200+ years later, these same people have not only bit the hand that fed and tolerated them, but want to tie a rope around its neck and stab and shoot it. If they want a country that fits their ideals, have them go to China or Korea, and let their wives and daughters be ravaged by the socialist soldiers while the government thanks them for “redistributing” their “wealth.”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nice to see Glenn can take a light jabbing from his employees and laugh at himself. BTW, been there, done that Glenn. I hate when something happens and it stuns you to the point you get a case of brain freeze and then later think of twenty things you wish you would have done or said at that moment. Was funny though.

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t you ask why ship X-ray business to China & give technology lead we had to them?

  • Anonymous

    Why do we continue to reward companies that lay off loyal US employes and send work to other countiies?

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