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On radio this morning, Glenn interviewed Michele Bachmann, the candidate that many felt performed the best in last night’s GOP debate. Not only did she answer with confidence and clarity, she also officially declared her candidacy.

Glenn welcomed her to the program and asked her what she was most excited about following her strong showing on TV.

“I think I was the most excited about, the headline this morning, the national journal paper said the debate winner was the Tea Party. And I think that made me happier than anything because that’s the voice that you have given voice to for years now and that’s the voice that people are recognizing needed to be heard in the halls of Congress, and it has been heard. And that’s the voice that I want to take to the White House as President of the United States,” she said.

“What was the thing that you felt needed to be said that wasn’t said, or the question that needed to be asked that wasn’t asked?” Glenn asked.

“Well, one thing that you didn’t see on camera is that I was like the kid in class that has their hand up all the time and maybe it was good that that wasn’t on the camera. But I wanted to weigh in on so many those issues, and one of them had to do with Medicare. Because right now we’re hearing President Obama demagogue against Republicans that are actually trying to save Medicare and deal with it and get it into a fiscally sane way so that senior citizens have their needs met so we don’t bankrupt the country,” she said.

“President Obama, I was at the White House with him about two weeks ago and he was asked three times what his Medicare plan was. He says he’s not planning to do a plan to save Medicare. So either his plan is bankruptcy, which I know he would say that’s not true. His real plan that I wanted the American people to know is that Medicare is going away under Obama. He hasn’t told senior citizens this, but he’s going to roll senior continues into ObamaCare and that’s where this IPAB board, 15 unelected bureaucrats, will be the ones to say no basically to senior citizens about their healthcare and what they are going to get. So as if it wasn’t bad enough for the president to take away 500 billion out of Medicare for seniors just when we’re getting more seniors, he’s also going to pull the rug out from under them by just doing away with Medicare and forcing them into ObamaCare where this unelected board will be saying no to their medical procedures. The American people don’t know that. Obama hasn’t told them. He wants to make the Republicans the boogeyman on Medicare but actually he’s the one that’s content to see it go away.”

The topic then shifted to Libya, a topic she tackled during the debate as well. She said, “When it comes to committing our brave men and women to harm’s way, you have to have satisfied whether there was a threat against the United States, whether there was an attack against the United States, and whether there’s a vital American national interest. Even Defense Secretary Gates testified before congress there was no recognizable national vital interest in Libya. He was not able to articulate a military goal in Libya.”

She added, “We don’t know who the opposition forces are that we’re helping. All indications show that there are people who are affiliated with Al Qaeda of North Africa and that also make up the bulk of the people who killed our soldiers in Iraq. So what my question is, what possible American interest could be benefitted by us enabling a stronghold for Al Qaeda of North Africa and what’s worse, in Libya, to give them that stronghold? They would also then have access to the oil revenues in Libya and that would be able to sustain global terrorism. It is one of the most reckless, foolish actions this president has taken.”

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