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Apparently, Ed Schultz will say anything to get attention and ratchet up those ratings points. The same guy who likes to call women “sluts” now says that Glenn has gone too far. How does he get away with the hypocrisy? His reasoning is about as poor as his ratings.

“Did you see what Schultz said about me?” Glenn asked Stu and Pat on radio this morning.

“Did you just call a random woman a dirty slut or something? You didn’t do that, did you? You didn’t call some random woman a horrible whore or anything, did you?” Stu joked.

“Do you not know how camera angles work, Ed?” Glenn asked.

On his FOX show, Glenn told audiences they should have a gun “to prepare for tough times”. And while Glenn gestured off camera to a chalkboard with “Prepare” written on it, the camera angle caught a screen with The President and Cass Sunstein. Rather than give Glenn the benefit of the doubt and analyze where he was looking, Ed decided to say that Glenn was advocating violence (editor’s note: Is it hypocritical to make this accusation when your show has a “Psycho Talk” segment?).

“So when I said why do you need a gun? You’ve got to prepare. And I was pointing to the chalkboard, but the camera angle made it look like I was pointing to the screen behind me. And this guy uses that,” Glenn said.

“Somebody said to me recently. I said, is there no honor in this industry? Is there no honor at all? And somebody said to me, no, there’s not, and you’ve got to get over that. No, I will not get over that and that is why I am leaving television. There’s no honor in it. No one is honorable,” Glenn said.

The radio crew then pointed out how they were against the suspension of Ed Schultz for his vile comments directed at Laura Ingraham (read the story here).

As Schultz continues to say idiotic things on his show, the same words that Glenn used during the Laura Ingraham controversy still apply today. “I don’t have any intention of trying to shut them down. We can win the argument,” Glenn said back in May.

Clearly, Schultz doesn’t have the same confidence.